Control Noise and Temperature with an Inplant Office

Clarion Technologies in Anderson, SC – Warehouse Solutions

Quality Control is a focus for any company looking to keep their clients happy and increase sales. KABTech had the opportunity to work with Clarion Technologies to identify and solve a common challenge in most manufacturing facilities.

Problem – Floor space on any plant floor is valuable. We quickly discovered the supervisor and quality control’s work areas were out in the open production area of the manufacturing facility. This noisy work environment was distracting and did not provide the needed separation for a truly focused work area.

Solution – We proposed and installed an In-plant office that would provide an enclosed work space that provided a cleanroom environment, with a choice of wall options that help control noise and the temperature or dry room. Also, we included an electrical package we provided lights, outlets and data box.

Installation – KABTech’s installation crew installed this structure in 3-days. This included building the enclosure, Installing the ceiling, And wiring all the electrical components to a junction box. Clarion’s electrician then connect our enclosure to their breaker panel.