Modular Dry Room Technology by KABTech corp

KABTech engineers, design, and install advanced humidity control dry rooms to achieve the low dew points and relative humidity required for your moisture sensitive material processing. Our experienced team of engineers use the latest technological advancements to design a low maintenance, humidity controlled room for moisture sensitive processes.

KABTech is your single-source for high-quality, cost-effective modern dry room technology and modular dry room applications.

Custom, Desiccant Dry Rooms. Versatile, Efficient and Cost Effective

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KABTech specializes in developing “Desiccant Dry Rooms” designed for fast installation, continuous, reliable service and versatility that comes with modular room construction.

Our technical design staff focuses on your unique specifications while integrating the most advanced dry room technology into your layout.

As your single-source for humidity control dry rooms, we supply all aspects of your dry room, making it an easy turn key installation. We offer the most advanced mechanical systems, chamber structure, controls and modular wall systems available for many controlled environment applications.

We design customized desiccant dehumidifiers and utilize state-of-the-art modular room construction techniques to achieve the correct room humidity level for your production requirements.

Our modular dry room wall systems feature airtight seals to prevent moisture migration and airlock entry chambers for personnel and equipment to ensure that the room humidity level is kept balanced.  Using the latest dry air technology allows our drying rooms to obtain dew-points as low as -55° and relative humidity of less than 1%.

Modular room benefits include versatile, efficient and cost effectiveness

modular dry roomThe modular construction of our dry rooms offers significant advantages over traditional humidity controlled room construction.

In addition, there are time-saving and cost-saving benefits. Our modular dry rooms can be quickly expanded, reconfigured, or relocated to ensure long-term versatility without product wast.

Modular Dry Room Advantages

KABTech strive to provide every advantage you can get in every dry room, modular clean room, cold storage room and noise control room they build.

Lets look at what makes KABTech’s modular dry rooms stand out in this industry

  • 12 stage desiccant de-humidification/ reactivation air control process ensures precise air quality regulation.
  • Quality control dry seal duct work prevents moisture penetration.
  • Moisture contaminated air removed through sealed exhaust chamber.
  • Sealed access panels allow all components to be accessed easily.
  • A simple flow through design allows the size of the mechanical enclosure to remain as small as possible.
  • Air tight seals, fire rated construction and two sided metal walls add to the design of the modular wall system.
  • Airlock entry options for product and personnel.
  • Modular dry room construction is demountable and relocatable, for economical expansion projects.
  • Modular dry room walls allow continues air quality controlled due points down to -55°C

Dry Room Applications

Humidity control drying rooms are needed for a range of applications. We design our rooms around your unique requirements to ensure effective solutions that perform safely and efficiently.

KABTech has experience developing dry rooms and modular clean rooms that fill the demands of many diverse industries, including lithium battery dry rooms, medical equipment dry rooms, hybrid vehicle dry rooms, and dry pharmaceutical rooms.

We offer the latest technology in de-humidification flow available for room humidity level control. We also provide excellent customer service and dependable installation technicians to complete the job.

KABTech Corp was established in 1985 and provides countless options for adding usable in-plant work space and product quality protection. In-Plant modular offices, single and multi-level industrial mezzanines and industrial work platforms are just a few of the many products they can provide to complete your industrial plant modifications.

Enhance your work environment and productivity with advanced room humidity control that meets your specific requirements. With over twenty years of diverse experience, our team provides the best in quality, value, and service.

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