In the manufacturing world, there is never quite enough storage or office space for all of your materials, machinery, and personnel.  With only a certain amount of floor space for all of the necessary machinery and materials, it can be a challenge as your manufacturing needs continue to grow. Warehouse mezzanines are an excellent way to solve your storage problems for a variety of reasons.

Create New Storage Space

In most manufacturing plants, there is plenty of free overhead space.  The problem is that overhead space is that they can be difficult to use.  With mezzanines, you can utilize this space to increase your storage areas significantly.  Using mezzanines for storage can allow you to use floor space for your equipment which is really what makes you money.  Mezzanines enable you to avoid having to lease additional space for storage.  Simply install a storage mezzanine in your manufacturing facility to create additional storage space without paying a penny more in rent each month.

Designed for our Clients

Mezzanines designed by KABTech Corp are created specifically for our customers with the highest quality materials possible.  Whether you need a storage mezzanine or in-plant offices, mezzanines from KABTech Corp are sure to meet your needs.  All of our mezzanines meet the latest building codes and can even be created to meet strict Seismic 4 capabilities.

Add Additional In-Plant Offices

Office space is often difficult to come by in manufacturing facilities.  To remain profitable, floor space should be utilized by machinery, not personnel.  KABTech understands this need and helps growing businesses to create in-plant offices using mezzanines.  This allows you to increase your office space instantly without increasing your leasing costs each month.

When you are struggling to keep up with your growth needs, do not discount the ability of mezzanines to help solve your growing pains through the use of a storage mezzanine or even in-plant offices.