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Anti-Fatigue Matting

  • Our modular floor mats are the ideal safety surfacing solution for your industrial or commercial safety ergonomic mattingworkspace. Each floor mat is designed with a variety of features which include:
    • Durability in even the most extreme conditions.
    • Proven ergonomic health benefits
    • Made from environmentally friendly recycled materials
    • Ten year limited warranty

    Our floor mats also provide significant safety and health benefits by reducing leg and back discomfort. Compression columns located underneath the mats help to align your body position properly, thus reducing fatigue and discomfort. These ergonomic health benefits last much longer compared to other flooring options because the compression columns are protected underneath the mat. This design is more efficient than other industrial mats that have cushioned top layers which can quickly wear away.

    KabTech industrial mats can also be custom configured with different surface options which include:

    • Diamond surface designed to increase grip and prevent against employee slippage.
    • Smooth top for work areas which need to be regularly cleaned.
    • Carpet surface for a professional business work setting.

    KabTech industrial floor mats are built to withstand heavy loads and harsh work environments. The modular tiles address many safety concerns which include oily environments, sensitive areas that require static dissipation, and everything in between. Learn more about our comfort mats, excel mats, and ergonomic mats.

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