Protect Revenue With Wire Partitions

Wire mesh partitions and security cages can be used for a variety of purposes in manufacturing facilities, and help provide safety and security in the workplace. However, while many manufacturers are aware of the basic functions of wire partitions, it is important for businesses to understand how these versatile constructs can help save them money in the long-term. The following are three different ways that wire mesh partitions contribute to reducing unnecessary revenue losses:

Wire Mesh Partitions

Safeguard Equipment

A primary function of wire partitions is to segment warehouse space and provide a secure area for storing manufacturing equipment. Surrounding items with wire partitions help protect against damages from forklift accidents and other machinery malfunctions. Alternative options for guarding equipment, such as drywall buildings, tend to be much more expensive and less practical. Wire partitions are an inexpensive, durable, and visually appealing way to reduce the costs of warehouse shrinkage.

Prevent Against Theft

Similar to how wire partitions help guard industrial equipment against accidents, they also prevent theft by safeguarding inventory. According to the 2012-2013 Global Fraud Report, the manufacturing industry had the second highest theft of physical assets of any industry, along with the highest frequency of intellectual property theft. This makes it highly necessary for manufacturing facilities to adequately protect their inventory and sensitive information from criminals, as long term theft can lead to erroneous inventory levels and revenue losses.

Wire mesh partitions help prevent against theft by limiting access to equipment, inventory, and information. Manufacturers can take comfort in knowing that only those intended to have access to items can enter the enclosed area. For example, if a plant is producing expensive automotive parts, the business should keep the parts locked up and only distribute the key to the appropriate managerial personnel.

Grow Your Business

Unfortunately for many companies, traditional barriers and fencing used to protect equipment often become obsolete over time. A major benefit of installing wire mesh partitions or security cages as opposed to a permanent structure is that manufacturing facilities can easily disassemble and relocate wire partitions when necessary. This allows manufacturers to adapt their facility quickly to match the growth of the company, and also helps businesses avoid wasting time and money on temporary solutions.

Final Thoughts

Employee theft, forklift accidents, and a variety of other circumstances can increase inventory shrinkage and cost your manufacturing facility thousands of dollars each year. Wire mesh partitions help reduce unnecessary revenue losses for your business by safeguarding items and equipment and preventing against theft and damages. Hopefully, this article has provided you with a better understanding of how implementing a wire partition or security cage can significantly benefit your manufacturing plant and protect your bottom-line.

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