Pallet Rack Protectors & Post Covers

Protect your pallet rack investment with column protectors from KABTech

Our column protector and bumpers are easy to install for long term protection against forklift and other vehicle damage to your mezzanine columns and pallet storage rack posts and end caps.

Column GuardsKABTech offers a variety of stress and Crack-Resistant Poly Column Protectors that wrap around uprights creating a lightweight but secure safety barrier.

Column protectors are designed to fit snugly around support columns, mezzanine uprights and storage rack frame structures. Made up of UV resistant polyethylene, these column protectors will withstand years of forklift abuse and keep their good looking finish.

Stackable designs are available for most applications and all column protector kits come with mounting fasteners and complete instructions.

Available in three standard heights, the Pallet Rack Post Protector can be selected to fit around virtually any post dimension. Custom sizes are also available.
These barriers protect your columns form fork-lifts and other hazards.

column guards piecesA: Standard Poly Column Protector

B: Slim Poly Column Protector

C: Premium Poly Column Protector

D: Recycled Poly Column Protector

High Impact Steel, Rack & Post Barriers

column guard protectors

Steel Rack Post Protectors are a valuable accessory wherever forklift or other vehicle traffic exists in close proximity to storage racks or mezzanine columns in danger of being struck by a forklift. These post barriers are a great way to protect your facility when bollards won’t fit the application.

These protection barriers are designed for easy bolt in installation and are constructed of high impact steel, powder-coated to provide years of lasting protection from misguided forklift traffic.

Post Features include:

  • Post FeaturesHigh impact steel with bolt in application
  • Safety Yellow, powder-coated finish for easy visibility
  • Designed to fit posts 3″ in dia. or smaller
  • 3 heights to choose from

Our post protectors, barriers and rack guards are supplied by companies with a long history of producing quality products and stand behind what they manufacture.

Contact KABTech today for an updated price quote and more information on post protection and forklift barrier rails along with many other safety products available for industrial applications.