Modular Clean Rooms Offered by KABTech

KABTech offers cost-effective solutions for a range of standalone environment controlled room needs. We design, supply, and install both modular hard wall and modular soft wall clean rooms that can be customized with a variety of features. We can customize an environmental test chamber to your requirements to ensure maximum efficiency, quality, and value.

Modular In-Plant Office and Clean Room Provider

KABTech is a leading provider of modular standalone clean room designs and construction. Learn how our modular clean rooms are engineered to meet your specific requirements.Contact us today. Also consider Mezzanines, 2 Story In-plant Offices and Warehouse Dividing Walls to use you available floor space more efficiently.

Modular Cleanrooms Come With All the Quick Install Benefits.

Modular Cleanrooms


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Clean Room Design and Construction

Modular Clean Rooms

If you are looking for high quality modular inplant structures to perform assembly processes or equipment testing under strict environmental guidelines, we can provide the modular rooms you need at an economical price.

These one and two story Modular clean rooms provide isolated work space and control many contaminate factors such as air temperature, process fumes, specific air particles, and moisture content.

KABTech will design, engineer, and install all parts of your clean room or you crew can quickly install the modular units easily. We bring our experience and state-of-the-art techniques together to develop a precise solution that meets your requirements. Our customized clean rooms are rated Class 10 (ISO 4) through Class 100,000 (ISO 8). We can also provide positive pressure rooms for less demanding specifications.

We are proud to supply quality built clean rooms to the Medical, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, robotic and microelectronic industry.

Our Clean Rooms provide the correct standards of air quality to protect your products, equipment and employees during all stages of manufacturing, assembly, packaging and storage.


CMM, GMP and Other Types of Controlled Manufacturing.


modular dry roomIndustries that require special testing during the manufacturing process to improve productivity require standalone, well lit, work rooms.

These clean rooms bring the test process close to other parts of the production system without interference or contamination from that same area.

By installing modular, and prefabricated clean rooms by KABTech, you get the job done on schedule and at a greater savings that other types of constructed offices will offer.

Modular Hard Wall Clean rooms

  • Modular hardwall systems are available in FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic), aluminum honeycomb, steel, and high-pressure laminate panels to meet your specific needs
  • Pre-fabrication of all modular components (wall panels, doors, windows, etc.) allows for fast, waste-free, low impact construction, and installation
  • Package options include HEPA filters (FFU), single point electrical hook-ups, HVAC, and lights

Modular Soft Wall Clean Rooms

  • Softwall clean rooms are the most cost-effective modular clean rooms
  • The translucent walls allow for clean room activities to be monitored without entering
  • T-Bar ceiling and frame alternatives install quickly and easily allowing for fast construction and hook-up for lights, HEPA filters, and electrical systems.

Additional Clean Room Environment Features and Options

  • Modular clean rooms Variety of wall surface materials, windows sizes, and door styles
  • Air locks and gowning rooms
  • Single pass, re-circulating plenum and ducted plenum designs
  • Fan powered or ducted hepa filters
  • Framed archways, roll-up doors and removable wall sections
  • Wall pass-thrus
  • Horizontal flow hepa filter systems

inplant office Features

Contact us today and explain what your requirements are along with the modular space you will require and we will provide a quote that will include specific diagrams for your approval. We will also explain the most economical shipping options available for your area.