Are you ready to add “additional floor space” to your industrial plant quickly, at a lower cost” than conventional construction?

Raised Warehouse Mezzanine and Platform Solutions

Let our mezzanine representatives go over your details, offer suggestions, check the load requirements and explain the raised mezzanine packages that will work best for you.

We will work with you to provide all aspects of your raised mezzanine project including lifts, handrails and stairways and ladders, to ensure a quality installation.

mezzanine over officeKABTech’s nationwide, fast track shipping and installation methods assure the unique adaptation of your modular raised mezzanine anywhere in the continental US. Structural mezzanine construction methods provide minimal disruption to your work production within your existing facility.

We offer all types of raised mezzanines and elevated equipment platforms for any type of business. From warehouse storage mezzanines and raised offices to production plants that want to expand their production floor space without a major construction project or plant expansion.

fitness center with mezzanineRetail locations and businesses such as fitness centers with adequate ceiling height can add a second level for additional retail floor space, machinery or storage space quickly and economically. All of our raised mezzanines, stairways and handrail components meet or exceed OSHA’s requirements for safety and durability. There is a wide variety of color selections and floor materials to choose from to design your raised mezzanine or industrial platform within the requirements needed for a well planed addition to your facility.

Custom Crossover SystemsFor special custom structures such as raised platforms for surface equipment access, industrial crossovers and assembly line crossovers, gangways, raised walkways, ladders with safety cages and equipment servicing platforms we are ready to help.

Our modular raised mezzanine and work platform designers will help you with all aspects of the planning, ordering and shipping process. We can even assist with installation and completion of your project if needed.

The primary issues in the planning stages include:

  • Additional load that will be imposed on the existing floor.
  • Slab strength and subsoil integrity.

With KABTech’s assistance, these items can usually be adequately verified with tests if verifiable data is not available. In the interest of safety and efficiency, we recommend and encourage owners/buyers to contact us and address these issues with our assistance before moving forward.

Raised Equipment Platforms and Raised Work Platforms

Industrial work platformStructural raised work or equipment platforms are designed to meet your expectations as well as meeting or exceeding all of OSHA’s requirements for raised work platforms, walkways, and stairways.

Our design expertise addresses safety, egress and functionality in a seamless, single-source responsibility approach.

We offer a variety of flooring and deck surfaces, designed with consideration for future changes and are integrated with the highest quality. With each project, we provide personal service during your installation or we can provide seasoned installation crews to ensure that the raised mezzanine meets your scheduled completion date.

KABTech’s raised warehouse mezzanines and industrial platforms provide all the advantages of modular construction when utilizing existing floor space.

  • 65%-75% savings on overall cost.
  • Quickest project completion time.
  • Less mess and production disruption.
  • KABTech can provide all necessary installation services.

The high cost of new buildings includes extensive site work, new floor slab installation, structure and roof work but also includes those overlooked issues such sprinklers, electrical and HVAC. Using existing under-utilized floor space to go UP instead of OUT offers distinct cost benefits, with costs savings that are frequently in the 65%-75% range depending upon location.

If you need a raised platform or raised mezzanine to increase your usable work area or install raised machinery, than KABTech can provide a platform that will work for you. With a simple description of your project requirements, their technical staff can assist you in choosing the correct platform and platform options to keep your raised platform within budget and insure completion on schedule.

Contact us today for more information on raised mezzanines and raised industrial platforms.