Wire Security Cages and Storage Cages

KABTech corp offers several different types of wire mesh cages, wire partitions and wire mesh industrial dividers for your growing industry. The SG2180 cages are designed for long-lasting durability, easy installation at an economical cost.

Storage Cage Enclosures & Wire Cage Partitions

wire security cagesSG2180 wire security cages have durable panels which are made of rigid 6-gauge wire rope welded at every wire contact point. Designed for a quick and easy installation, these cost-effective and convenient security cages are ideal for a range of applications and can be customized as per your needs.

2180 wire cages are ideal for co-location servers, tool cribs, archival and document storage and warehouse/retail theft prevention.

The heavy duty wire frame provides for a rigid and tough exterior, which reduces bending and casting.

All wire security cages feature a clean and polished look that are ideal for high traffic rooms, tenant storage, or in office applications. Combining a raised warehouse mezzanine with wire partition divider walls allows you to create a secure storage area without taking away from valuable main floor square footage.

The clean look works well inside office facilities!

Room Divider Cage2180 welded wire cages can be assembled in half the time of competitive systems, as the fully framed panels do not need to be cut to size. Through-bolts connect panels without interference from wire mesh and hinged doors and pre-hung in the frame.

Sliding door options are also available on many of the wire cage designs and have several lock mounting choices.

The overall design allows for simple cut-outs around piping and other obstructions. Wire cages are available in gray, black, yellow, red, blue, or green.

Barrier rails for screen enclosureModular security cage design allows the cages to be unbolted and relocated as you business expands.

By adding forklift barrier rails by KABTech, your security cage enclosure will endure years of abuse in the roughest warehouse conditions. You can see all the warehouse modification product available from KABTech including bolt in bollards and rack and column protection.

KABTeck is your go-to source for all of your facility modifications and modular upgrades.

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