Wire Mesh Security Cages and Partitions

KABTech offers a wide variety of wire mesh partitions, enclosures, and security cages in an assortment of different sizes and colors.

Whatever your wire mesh need are, KABTech can supply the cages, barriers, enclosures and partitions you need to complete the job at a huge savings.

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Security Cages and Tool Cribs

Wire Mesh Partitions

Machinery and Conveyor Enclosures

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Wire Partitions and Room Dividers

KABTech is a leading supplier of industrial and commercial in-plant modification and modular construction options. We Provide the necessary enclosures and platforms you need to adjust your facilities work space as your company expands.

KABTech Wire Security CageOur industrial product line can quickly expand your storage, and office space to provide a more efficient and productive facility. Economic cost and a minimal amount of production interruption are some of the benefits you receive with wire barriers security cages and tool cribs from KABTech.

Our wire partition products provide a cost-effective, convenient option for storing and securing tools, products, protect robotics, conveyors, and other equipment or areas of your facility.

They can be designed to construct tenant storage lockers and wire mesh storage rooms.

In addition to wire cages and partitions, our staff is ready to assist you with all your projects like multilevel modular office space, mezzanines, and environment controlled work rooms to security buildings and storage systems for your products and machinery.

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Wire Security Cages & Storage Enclosures

KABTech’s wire mesh partitions feature an exclusive uni-mesh woven line of wire storage enclosures for maximum visibility and unrestricted circulation.

The frames are strong, resilient, and built to last no matter what the application. The Ford Logan line also meets and exceeds the architectural Master Specification 10605. Additional features include:

  • Panels available in wire mesh, lexan, sheet metal
  • Optional security ceiling
  • Swing / sliding doors
  • Variety of locking options
  • Powder coat finish

Wire Mesh Enclosures

Wire Mesh Partitions
Engineered to be highly versatile, the SG2000 wire mesh enclosure system has a simple and efficient design with expanded metal and solid infill options.

Wire partitions or Steel panels are stacked between tube posts which enable the enclosure to extend upwards of the standard 10-foot height without losing structural stability. The panels also come bolted in, which also allows for a fast and easy installation.

SG2000 wire mesh enclosures can be used for military equipment, data centers, DEA storage of controlled substances, evidence rooms, robotics, vertical lifts, and combustible materials.

Wire enclosures can also be customized with the following features:

  • Tapered and custom sized panels for windows, stairway, and machine guarding.

  • Posts with extended heights and variable sweep space.

  • Electronic access controls and ADA locking capabilities.

  • Black, yellow, red, blue, green, white, or color matching paint.

Conveyor Guards & Machinery Guards

Guard your employees and equipment against forklift and heavy machinery accidents with our perimeter machinery guards.

wire conveyor guardsConveyor Guards keep your facilities running smoothly and help reduce preventable injuries and OSHA violations.

Machinery guards and enclosures are easy to set up and feature a heavy duty steel frame that’s built to last.

All enclosures are wear resistant, maintenance free, and have several available options:

  • Standard safety yellow and black paint finish.
  • Customized panel material depending on the facility, machinery, and project requirements.
  • Security ceiling wire panels.
  • Door and lock options.
  • Custom powder coating finishes.

Wire mesh safety partitions by KABTech are ideal for protecting conveyors, robots, and automated machinery.

Solid Panel Machinery Enclosures

Also available are machinery enclosures with solid panels.

These enclosures provide barrier protection as well as preventing flying debris from leaving or entering the containment area.

Industrial machinery enclosures offer protection and create safety parameters around robotics, laser guided machinery and sensitive equipment or manufacturing processes. These enclosures limit and contain debris partials, light and dust, sparks and more.

There are many choices of panel colors and treatments to accent your manufacturing facility or warehouse.

Barrier enclosure panel choices are:

  • Enamel or powder coated sheet metal
  • Clear or colored Lexan or Plexiglass
  • Wire or screen panels
  • Swing or sliding door with locking options

Install industrial barrier rails or bollard posts to prevent heavy machinery and forklift accidents and protect large structures like in-plant offices, mezzanines, guard shacks or other high traffic areas.

KABTech also provides the best quality safety barrier rail systems. These barrier rail systems provide the strongest defense against forklift accidents while establishing a secure perimeter around valuable machinery and buildings in your facility.

Industrial Wire Mesh Lockers & Wire Mesh Storage Rooms

KABTech wire mesh lockers and security enclosures provide safe and secure storage for condos, apartments, military facilities, warehouses and other industrial settings. All lockers are secure, durable, and offer long-lasting protection against theft and damages.

In contrast to traditional steel lockers, the open wire mesh design allows for full interior visibility and proper air circulation. Our modular lockers also come with framed doors and wire mesh panels which allow for a quick and easy installation.

Storage lockers can be custom configured with a variety of different wire materials, sizes, locking options, door options, shelving options, and paint finishes.

Industrial wire mesh lockers are the perfect way for military personnel to safeguard their valuable equipment.

All doors and panels are made from 10-gauge diamond pattern steel wire mesh, with a polyester powder coat finish. Lockers come in a range of colors such as gray, green, blue, black, red, or yellow. We also provide portable lockers which come in a heavy-duty 6-gauge welded wire material.

These lockers can be shipped pre-assembled for immediate use, or disassembled to help reduce shipping costs.

Wire Security Cages & Cage Partitions

wire security cagesSG2180 wire security cages have durable panels which are made of rigid 6-gauge rope welded at every wire contact point.

Designed for a quick and easy installation, these cost-effective and convenient welded wire mesh security cages are ideal for a range of applications and can be customized as per your needs. 2180 wire cages are perfect for collocation servers, tool cribs, archival and document storage, and warehouse/retail theft prevention.

The heavy duty wire frame on these wire storage enclosures provides for a rigid and tough exterior, which reduces bending and casting.

Room Divider CageAll wire security cages feature a clean and polished look that are ideal for high traffic, tenant, or front of house applications. 2180 welded wire cages can be assembled in half the time of competitive systems, as the fully framed panels do not need to be cut to size.

Through-bolts connect panels without interference from wire mesh and hinged doors and pre-hung in the frame. The overall design allows for simple cut-outs around piping and other obstructions.

Wire cages are available in gray, black, yellow, red, blue, or green and come with hinged and sliding door features to fit the exact specifications of your facility.

Pallet Rack Safety Enclosure Systems

pallet rack guardsWarehouses have a number of top safety concerns which include material handling accidents and falling objects and debris. These hazards can lead to severe injuries, inventory shrinkage, and steep monetary costs.

The ideal way to help keep your employees safe and products intact are KABTech pallet rack guards.

The sturdy 6-gauge wire mesh design will keep essential products and equipment secure and prevent them from falling from Pallet Racks and Shelving.

Pallet rack safety systems have a flexible design and come in a variety of sizes so that they can adjust to any storage system. The installation process has never been easier with our adjustable brackets which can mount to all types of uprights and pallet storage units.

Compared to traditional safety netting, our wire mesh panels require less maintenance and are built to last after years of heavy usage. Safety netting can snag and come loose and interfere with easy pallet loading and unloading which could lead to load shifting during pallet transition.

Wire Pallet Rack Enclosures

complete storage room and pallet rack enclosuresFor added safety and security, we offer complete storage room and pallet rack enclosures that create security barriers between the storage area and other parts of the facility.

Wire security enclosures allow a clear view of the storage racks and allow lighting and fire control systems to enter the enclosure without allowing unwanted entry by others.

All doors, panels, and posts are finished with a polyester powder coat for maximum durability, and you can choose from a range of colors to match any work environment.

Also, ask us about our industrial mezzanines and mezzanines with wire mesh enclosures. Mezzanine structures can be erected over your storage area to keep from losing valuable floor space, or you can use mezzanines to safely store pallets of material above the workspace or in plant office space.