Two Story Modular Offices

Two Story OfficeIf available floor space is a challenge, then the best economical solution is building up not out.

Adding a second level modular office to your facility will enable you to maximize your available space without disturbing your present production floor space.

Modular Second Floor Offices, Fast and Easy to Install

KABTech designs and supplies modular two story in-plant modular offices to your meet or exceed your seismic zone and OSHA requirements. Your second floor office can be designed to be placed over a lower level office or built on an elevated mezzanine structure to provide usable floor space for other uses.

We develop our structural support into the walls to allow for maximum clearance and usable space. The skeletal support structure is concealed in the ceiling of the lower level. A structural steel sub-floor is incorporated in the ceiling and provides some of the longest clear spans possible in modular second floor offices.

Longer spans mean less obstructive support columns in the lower rooms to deal with!

This also means the lower rooms give you more usable open office space for conference rooms, lunch rooms and training rooms.

KABTech modular offices have a class A fire rating. They meet or exceed the strictest seismic and national structural requirements along with all applicable OSHA regulations as well.

Your two story office is custom designed for your application. This allows you to choose the type of wall treatments, windows and door treatments you desire. you may also request your choice of HVAC systems, mechanical fire control and more.

Industrial Noise Control

As with any In-plant office, noise is a key factor. Modular office designs allows for increased noise elimination through foam injected walls with gypsum inner and outer shell. The modular offices include insulated ceilings and floors. Many wall selection choices are offered for increased durability and noise reduction.

Modular two story offices offer fast installation at a tremendous savings!

Because the office components are factory manufactured and assembled, there is less mess and construction clutter to deal with. Also, installing the offices is 70% faster than typical construction time. Modular offices can also be assembled by smaller work crews in less time.

All of these benefits allow the office units to be installed with little disruption to the work being preformed in the facility at that time, thus less lost of production time.

Modular two story office features:

  • 3″ walls with many choices and colors
  • 22Ga. galvanized sub-floor top decking
  • Integrated electrical systems
  • Window size options
  • Dis-mountable wall design
  • Heaver wall studs to carry longer spans.
  • Acoustical drop ceiling panels
  • Electrical package options W/ junction box, lights and more.

2nd floor office enteranceAnother KABTech benefit of the second tier is the ability to have an excellent view of the facility. Modular window enclosures can be placed all the way around or in any of the outer walls for maximum visibility. These modular office units can be lined with vinyl covered gypsum for a class “A” fire rating.

Custom Prefabricated Landing and Stairways are Another excellent example of the versatility we offer. mezzanine over office

Many sound blocking properties can be added for a peaceful working environment. Options for dust and dirt control can also be incorporated into the modular offices along with HVAC and air filtration systems to keep the office maintenance and health issues to a minimum.

Two Story In-Plant Offices Double Your Floor Space


incomplete 2nd floor office

Two story modular offices can also provide multiple uses for the same footprint. The lower level can be utilized for  break rooms, maintenance shops, shipping & receiving offices or other areas, while the upper level can be a supervisor office, conference room or team training room. This allows you to pack multiple functions into half the available facility floor space.

Modular construction offices offer environmentally friendly construction practices and fast project completion with less disruption of facility work schedules.

Our prefabricated two-story modular office kits are easy to assemble and disassemble if the installation layout changes. For large offices with greater clear span requirements, we can utilize our mezzanine system to incorporate larger structures with maximum usable space.

This allows you to pack multiple functions into half the available facility floor space includes:

  • Prefabricated Stairways and Landing
  • Modular Electrical
  • HVAC and air filtration systems
  • Variety of Door Options

Contact KABTech today to receive more information on second story modular offices or adding a second modular office and mezzanine above a preexisting warehouse office. Our KABTech representative will quote your project using the latest pricing and economical shipping available.