Vertical lifts for Raised Platforms

KABTech offer a line of VRC vertical material lifts which move parts and equipment from the various warehouse and platform levels.

These vertical platform lifts are a cost-effective alternative to higher priced personnel elevators and forklifts. VRC vertical lifts can be used to transport all types of items, from small products to large boxes, pallets or individual items. Each lift is matched your particular requirements and can be customized for particular uses.

Third Level Access

Third Level Access

Mezzanine Lifts

Two Level Access

Vertical Lift Uses and Capabilities

Material lifts are commonly used for:

Vertical material lifts allow you to maximize your available warehousing space and enhance the overall organization of your facility. Only one person is required to operate these vertical material lifts, thus less production time is lost.

Material Lift Sizes and Capacities

Material Lift Sizes and CapacitiesKABTech supplies lifts from 5,000-pound lifting capacities to 30,000 pounds depending on the lift series that fits your requirements.

Platform sizes range from 4′ x 4′ through 6′ x 12′ and provide lifting heights up to 40 feet of travel. Special request platform designs can extend to 30′ long when necessary.

The PM Series is a popular choice for one or two-floor mezzanines and industrial platforms. It is available in 4′ x 4′ or 6′ x 6′ platforms and has a 5,000-pound lifting capacity. It can travel a vertical height of 36′ and is the most economical lift available.

The S Series is also a popular choice because of an 8′ x 8′ platform and a 6,000 lbs. capacity. The S Series has a vertical travel height of 40′.

The FP & DM Series have a lifting capacity of 30,000 pounds and provide platform clearances of 6′, 12′, 30′ wide and deep. The FP Series has vertical travel up to  60′.

Product Lifts Designed With a Wide Range of Uses

Our vertical lifts are quiet, safe, designed to run continuously, and there are no fluids or dangerous contaminants that can leak. A soft start/stop feature allows lift modules to move smoothly and helps prevent damage to valuable materials.

Our most popular lift models are designed to install quickly with minimum area modification. All of our lifts are designed with low, above lift maximum clearance, which allows the lifts to be mounted close to structures above the top of the lifting platform.

Because of their modular design they can be disassembled and moved as your industrial facility expands and upgrades.

These lifts eliminate the need of forklifts to load and unload material and products from mezzanines and work platforms as well as above Inplant offices.

These lifts are easy for anyone to operate and will cut down the need for more than one person to loan material above the main floor.