Raised Walkways, Stair Towers and Landings Built for Safety

If you can’t find a solution, we can create a one.

Crossover Platforms, Ladders, Gangways & Raised Walkways


raised work platformKABTech is one of the most versatile raised platform suppliers in its field. We specialize in creating access and safety solutions for any project or production function.

All of the Mezzanines, industrial platforms, inplant offices, warehouse partitions and modular buildings, we offer are fully custom designed by our tech staff to fit the need of the customer and their facility.

Many of our modular construction products are most often utilized to create extra usable space or safe accessibility in warehouses and production plants, but the possibilities offered by our services go far beyond these few initial uses.

An excellent example of this versatility would be the custom Prefabricated Landing and Stairway that we designed and built for a company experiencing a specific problem that required a specific solution. Outside Stair Tower

We address the problem of safe and economical stairways and landings, surface equipment platforms and raised work platforms as well as pre-assembled second story stairways and walkways. You can be sure to receive the highest quality modular and pre-fit custom platforms available.

Our experienced designers can assist you with advice and designs that will give you exactly what you are looking for at a very competitive price.

Here is one example of KABTech’s economical solutions for stairway tower equipment access.

An electric motor manufacturing company had a growing concern for the safety of their maintenance workers. A routine maintenance task on a furnace enclosure in their warehouse had presented a major issue.

To change the air filters in the furnace, a worker would have to operate a scissor lift to get up to the same level as the furnace, and then cross over a functioning conveyor line. Once on top of the enclosure, the worker would have to remain connected to a safety hook and line while replacing the air filter.

An arduous, time-consuming, and dangerous task needed to be remedied, and quickly. A good and permanent fix to such a problem can seem difficult to come by without a major rework and a lot of expense, but this is where KABTech’s versatility was a key element to ending the problem.

Stair Tower & Platform

Stair tower for access

Safe, Economical Solutions for Raised Access Problems

We customized and designed one of our stair towers for safe and easy equipment access. Our first step was to eliminate the risks of crossing over a conveyor line.

We built a pre-fabricated landing with safety-rails for access across the conveyor line. KABTech designed the necessary supports to mount the raised platform that provided access for a safe working area around the furnace’s enclosure.

Then we fit a custom pre-fabricated stairway to the landing as well. Now a job that required several different types of machinery and some considerable risk to workers, is done quickly and safely in a fraction of the original time.

This is one of thousands of possibilities for solutions that KABTech can create. As a long-time provider of Mezzanines, Modular Inplant offices and other warehouse accessibility structures, we have a great deal of experience in problem solving for business with issues similar to the one just described.

Custom Crossover Stairs and Walkway Platforms

Industrial crossoverMany of our clients need large, crossover stairs and raised walkways to safely bypass large machinery or conveyor lines. Platforms with inplant offices or modular offices and second story offices are no problem for us. We are one of the leading Modular Office suppliers in the country and have the ability to quick ship completely assembled office units to your facility in record time.

We specialize in large, heave-duty assemble line crossover platforms and walkways but we will give your job the special attention you deserve no mater how small.

We can even design and pre-fabricate full sized assembly line platforms for the largest tasks, to provide a space for overseeing production or moving equipment across conveyors.

Raised Access Platforms for Top-Loading Trucks and Machinery

Platform with officeWe offer economical solutions for companies that require accessing the tops of hoppers, top-load trucks, tankers and other types of vehicles.

Many of these functions require a safe work platform to allow employees to load products, preform equipment wash-downs and servicing.

A better solution to having a construction company fabricate an on-site platform with stairs is to order it pre-fit and prefabricated from KABTech.

Advantages of Prefabricated Modular Work Platforms

  • Construction companies order material for the job in full lengths and cut for each job. You get stuck paying for all material waste.
  • Pre-fit platforms and stair units built at the factory require less labor costs to manufacture and are built and tested under strict design standards
  • All material used is specifically chosen for exact load and safety standards
  • Modular equipment platforms are completely versatile and can be expanded or dissembled and moved for future project expansion with little or no waste of parts.
  • Less work on you part is required to get the work platform or stairway and walkway designed, shipped and installed on time.

Fall Protection with Stair towers, walkways and Cage Ladders

Stair Tower SystemsWe offer a wide variety of structures, stairs, industrial ladders and cage ladders with and equally wide variety of materials. We can build everything from exterior structures designed to stand up against the most unforgiving climates and the heaviest tasks, to walkways, gangways and structures appropriate for food-preparation industries.

Smaller businesses and organizations have come to us as well, looking for effective and high-quality walkways and stairway towers for their second floor access projects.

Cat-Walk steel floor


Bar-Grate on Raised Walkway

Cage LadderSafety Cage ladders & Fall Protection

As for our friends who needed a permanent solution to a common risk of their workers safety, we specialize in equipment like barrier rails, stair towers and safety cage ladders for fall protection. Along with eliminating potential risks and instilling OSHA requirements, these structures increase the value of a business as well.

Tasks that present a certain danger to workers usually require a longer period of time and effort to complete that task. A safer and easier method of accessing or servicing machinery also means increasing the value of that machinery. Our structures are proven to improve productivity and increase properly kept maintenance schedule efficiency as well as creating a safer environment for the users.

Custom Crossover Platforms and assembly line crossover walkways.

Custom Crossover SystemsWe pride ourselves in our ability to find the fix for problems like the ones mentioned. That is why we offer custom designed layouts and walkway platform shapes to fit the requirements.

Crossovers and walkways with stairways are built to your required shape size and layouts.

Typical assembly line conveyor or equipment crossovers can be:

  • With or without stairs
  • U- shaped
  • H- shaped
  • L- shaped
  • Z- shaped
  • Any height required
  • Installed in rooftop applications
  • Platforms can be equipped for supporting or hanging piping


All of our raised walkways and raised equipment platforms and handrails meat or exceed OSHA and ANSI requirements and provide:

  • Steps that are easy and safe to descend when facing forward
  • Wide, preassembled no-slip step treads
  • Custom handrails and gates that attach quickly and securely
  • Fully assembled stair units
  • Easy to assemble, bolt together platform frames, beams and columns
  • Fast and easy shipping methods


Our bolt together modular stairs and platforms ensures that a solution can be made to fix any area, and any situation. To learn more about how KABTech can create a safe solution for your business contact us today with your project description.