KABTech, Supplying Modular Offices That Add Office Space and Style

KABTech corp. USA is one of the leading “Modular Office Suppliers” in the continental US and has been supplying and installing custom in plant modular offices for over thirty years.

KABTech’s experienced designers and installers have met many challenging requests for custom designed, one and two story in plant modular office structures. And best of all, they can do it at an affordable cost.

modular office supplier

As a Modular office supplier, we get requests for many modular offices that are needed to solve a variety of office space problems.

We have been a top supplier for modular office and prefabricated office structures inside and outside leading manufacturing facilities in the continental US.

We offer personal one on one service to every client requesting information and quotes for Modular office designs, product options, shipping option discounts and installation services.

Like other in plant modular office suppliers, we know that cost and install time are a top concern, but our services go beyond that.

Supplying Unlimited Resources and Quality Products

From custom designed two story modular offices to clean, dry and climate controlled modular computer rooms or prefabricated and ready to ship modular in plant shipping and receiving offices.

We give each project our individual, personalized service. KABTech stays above average by working directly with you day by day, from the design and quote stage to the completion date, until your modular office job is completed exactly to your specifications.

With KABTech as your Modular Office supplier, we are your single source for all the requirements of your office space and warehouse floor space modifications.

Modular office services include:

Many of our modular office structures can be ordered as prefabricated offices and “quick shipped” for fast installation.

In addition to prefabricated offices, we offer modular construction office units that are pre-sized unassembled components that ship fast to save on shipping costs. This is a cost effective alternative to conventional construction methods.

Unlike conventional construction, Modular office units have demountable walls that make dissemble and relocating a breeze. This also means no waste of modular office structure when it is time to fit your facility up.

KABTech is more than just a Modular office supplier. We offer complete service in all areas of the job from custom designs and modular packages to turnkey installation.

Let’s look at an example of a custom turnkey modular office from start to finish.

In-Plant Modular Office & Structural Mezzanine Installed by KABTech, Modular Office Supplier

KABTech was approached, through our modular warehouse office supply partners at PanelBuilt Modular Buildings & Mezzanines, to implement a two-story modular in-plant office in a local heavy equipment manufacturing facility, just north of us in Winston Salem, NC. We had three weeks to meet expectations for our clients, and you can be sure the KABTech team was up to the task.

In-Plant Office & Structural Mezzanine

So what made supplying and installing this project so challenging? Well, for starters, this modular office project featured 12’ high wall panels on the first and second floor. On the first floor, we needed to build and coordinate an internal structural steel mezzanine to support the second floor, which would ultimately feature open space for modular office cubicles.

We needed this mezzanine to allow for maximum clear space, because the plan was to integrate a four-room office and conference room, with an open cubicle area in the middle.

All in all, the first-floor modular office would expand to over 2,500 square feet in space. The walled rooms were for managers and the cubicle, office space area. Modular conference rooms were added to allow for meetings, support team discussions, etc.

When you are supplying and installing an in-plant office of this magnitude, structural support is critical. KABTech supplied an industrial steel mezzanine which we designed and put in place with bar joist and minimal columns to allow for maximum clear space. This simple but effective structure ensure the support of all second-floor, modular office requirements. We supplied four structural steel columns to support the upper portion of the second floor. The building included an external and internal staircase. The internal staircase allowed the employees to meet and discuss projects without having to leave the enclosure and take the stairs to a different level.

What about that second floor? As indicated previous, we planned on setting this section up as open, uninhibited, office space for modular office cubicles. This was to allow for maximum use of office space for the office staff. KABTech supplied the requirements for needed modular office cubicles. This made it possible to situate the office team efficiently in a manner that would not be possible if each person had a dedicated office.

KABTech’s second-floor modular office design worked well to support the roof decking and an acoustical ceiling grid along with the HVAC system, sprinklers, electrical, and data storage requirements. KABTech worked side by side with our client to ensure everything would be delivered to our customer and then installed within a three week period. Interested in allowing KABTech to be your number one Modular Office Supplier?

Contact us today to find out how KABTech can develop, build, and execute the design of your next in-plant modular office and structural mezzanine project. KABTech is a supplier for many types of modular offices including guard shack and prefabricated guard houses, prefabricated quick ship offices and modular in plant offices, mezzanines and structural industrial work and equipment platforms. Visit our home page to find all our industrial warehouse products and services.