Custom Designed, Modular Quality Control Rooms

Quality control should be a major part of any product manufacturing process. Accurate product testing is not only important to maintain high quality products but to collect important data that will help plan strategic manufacturing improvements.

Quality control The square footage of your production and assembly area is also a major concern and can greatly affect the quality of the product and the efficiency of the production and assembly process.

Quality control labs are often located in an inconvenient location simply because bringing the lab closer means high construction cost and lost production time. KABTech can show you how you can install a high quality inspection room right at the point where it is needed without the construction mess, lost production time and high costs involved in typical construction methods.

Modular Quality Control Rooms can be installed in half the time as typical construction!

Economical, Modular Quality Control Rooms

A well structured quality control process will require a clean and well designed quality control room with climate control features to maintain:

modular in plant officesMaintaining these climate controlled features are vital while performing product inspections, tests and calibrations.

If the quality control process is flawed or inconsistent, the obvious result will be product run problems, lost product and labor with higher production costs.

Manufacturers who want to install a cleanroom or inspection room application to their facility in close proximity of the production area can enhance the quality of the product by allowing more accurate testing during the manufacturing process.

Here is an example of a company using a modular implant office to add the needed quality control inspection room needed to perform accurate testing. The room was installed close to the manufacturing process without interfering with the assembly area.

A well-known manufacturer of lighting and power systems came to KABTech looking to improve industrial operations.

The manufacturing facility needed an exclusive work area where employees could take finished parts to check for faults and defects. KABTech knew that a modular office room would allow the manufacturer to test materials and take measurements, thus providing enhanced quality control throughout the manufacturing process. For this reason, we suggested building and installing a temperature-controlled modular in-plant office in the location that would best suite the production line process.

Fast Project Installation:

Similar to other clients, the manufacturing facility wanted the installation process to be timely to prevent any delays in production. Conveniently, KABTech was able to complete the project during a short period when the manufacturing facility was shut down for a few days due to wintry conditions.

The project took place in a large warehouse with an open floor that had no dedicated work areas for employees to preform proper testing and product rum inspections. The main problem was that the facility’s quality control inspector’s had to deal with inconsistent temperatures and exposure to dust, dirt, and debris.

Custom Built Modular Inspection Rooms

Modular constructed rooms allow the enclosures to be installed around preexisting equipment when necessary.

To help improve employee working conditions, KABTech custom-built the modular room around the facilities quality control equipment, including a large marble measuring table and other heavy assessment gear.

This was of great help to the manufacturer, as the equipment is especially bulky and nearly impossible to fit through the doors. Two frame openings were also incorporated in the design of the room so that strip curtain doors could be attached, giving employees the ability to push large equipment in and out of the office.

After the custom modular wiring had been put in place, KABTech configured the electrical system in the quality room. We then incorporated useful features such as a split-system HVAC and air filtration unit, which provides 500 square feet per ton cooling and heating. The modular building’s HVAC compressors were attached externally while conduit and refrigerant lines were tightly placed throughout all wall penetrations.

KABTech uses the highest quality HVAC and filtration units available and installs them to meet your local and state building regulations.

End Result:

Overall, the manufacturer was thrilled to have the ability to take items straight off the production line and test them in a temperature-controlled environment. Because the KABTech team finished the quality room ahead of schedule, the client was particularly pleased with the speed of the project.

Modular Offices are Cleaner to Build

The company also appreciated that the construction process did not interrupt their production lines and that they were able to get right back to work after their brief winter hiatus. With the installation of their new in-plant modular office, the manufacturer reported their quality control process had significantly improved, allowing for a more accurate measuring and calibrating of their production process.

You can see the benefits of using modular constructed quality control rooms to enhance your production quality inspection process.

With an improved quality control environment, not only will your production standards be maintained but you will have more accurate data to plan and improve the overall production process. This will be essential to keep up with future production changes and greater quantity demands from your clients.

See the other products available for improving and upgrading you manufacturing facility or warehouse. KABTech offers one and Two Story Modular offices, prefabricated guard shacks, pump house enclosures and raised mezzanines and industrial platforms just to name a few.

Modular improvements can take any facility or warehouse and make the usable floor space more safe and efficient. A KABTech representative is standing by to answer any questions you have about an upcoming project. Contact us today and see how easy, adding a quality control room can be.