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KABTech offers cost-effective solutions for a range of temperature control room needs. We engineer, design, and install both modular hard wall and modular soft wall clean rooms that can be customized with a variety of features. We can customize an environmental test chamber to your requirements to ensure maximum efficiency, quality, and value.

Modular Clean Rooms

KABTech is a leading provider of clean room design and construction. Learn how our modular clean rooms are engineered to meet your specific requirements. Contact us today.
clean room

Clean Room Design and Construction

KABTech will design, engineer, and install all parts of your cleanroom. To create a clean room environment, we bring our experience and state-of-the-art techniques together to develop a correct solution that meets your requirements. Our customized clean rooms are rated Class 10 (ISO 4) through Class 100,000 (ISO 8). We can also provide positive pressure rooms for less demanding specifications.

Modular Hard Wall Clean rooms

  • Modular hardwall systems are available in FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic), aluminum honeycomb, steel, and high-pressure laminate panels to meet your specific needs
  • Pre-fabrication of all modular components (wall panels, doors, windows, etc.) allows for fast, waste-free, low impact construction, and installation
  • Package options include HEPA filters (FFU), single point electrical hook-ups, HVAC, and lights

Modular Soft Wall Clean Rooms

  • Softwall cleanrooms are the most cost-effective modular clean rooms
  • The translucent walls allow for clean room activities to be monitored without entering
  • T-Bar ceiling and frame alternatives install quickly and easily allowing for fast construction and hook-up for lights, HEPA filters, and electrical systems.

Additional Clean Room Enviornment Features and Options

  • Variety of wall surface materials, windows sizes, and door styles
  • Air locks and gowning rooms
  • Single pass, re-circulating plenum and ducted plenum designs
  • Fan powered or ducted hepa filters
  • Framed archways, roll-up doors and removable wall sections
  • Wall pass-thrus
  • Horizontal flow hepa filter systems

Advanced Humidity Control Dry Rooms

Dry Room Specifications

KABTech engineers, design, and install advanced humidity control dry rooms to achieve the low dew points and relative humidity required for your moisture sensitive material processing. Appropriate for various moisture sensitive material processing needs, our humidity control dry rooms are engineered to your precise specifications. Our experienced team is your single-source for high-quality, cost-effective humidity control dry rooms.

dry roomsKABTech specializes in developing dry rooms focused on your unique specifications. We supply all aspects of your room, including the mechanical systems, chamber structure, and controls.

We offer complete service in all areas of the job from custom designs and modular packages to turnkey installation.

We design customized desiccant dehumidifiers and utilize state-of-the-art modular construction techniques to achieve the precise humidity control required for your needs.

Our modular dry room wall systems feature airtight seals to prevent moisture migration and airlock entry chambers for personnel and equipment to ensure that the room is kept balanced, allowing our dry rooms to obtain dewpoints as low as -60′ and relative humidity of less than 1%. The modular construction of our dry rooms offers significant advantages over traditional construction.

In addition to the time-saving and cost-saving benefits, our modular dry rooms can be quickly expanded, reconfigured, or relocated to ensure long-term versatility as your needs change.

Dry Room Applications

Humidity control dry rooms are necessary for a range of applications. We design our rooms around your unique requirements to ensure effective solutions that perform safely and efficiently. KABTech has experience developing dry rooms that meet the needs of diverse industries, including lithium battery dry rooms, medical equipment dry rooms, hybrid vehicle dry rooms, and dry pharmaceutical rooms.

Enhance your work environment and productivity with advanced humidity control dry rooms that meet the specific requirements of your application. With over twenty years of diverse experience, our team provides the best in quality, value, and service. Contact us today to learn more or to Request a Quote.

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Desiccant Dehumidifiers

KABTech Customizes each desiccant dehumidifier to our clients specific needs. We have three different series we use to customize project specifications. With our equipment there is not a moisture issue that we cannot handle.

Compact Series

This is for a small application that needs from 25-300 cfm. These units have the only horizontal bed design in the industry. Also, they use the lowest drying air temperature in the industry.

This unit is perfect for the following applications:
Environmental Rooms
Walk-in Freezers
-Archive Storage
-Biological Refrigerators and more.

Rotor Series

These units are designed for industrial applications that need 600-40,000 cfm. The Rotor Series uses a vertical desiccant and allows for a broad range of options to fit specific needs. These units have three options for reactivation: electricity, steam, and gas. These units offer a straightforward and economical design while utilizing the most state of the art desiccant wheels. Circuit breakers are used instead of fuses to reduce the maintenance cost.

Integrated Dehumidification Package (IDP)

These units are design with capabilities of 50-30,000cfm. These units can incorporate a variety of different aspect of air treatment. These units allow our clients to single piece of equipment that can handle all aspects needed. The IDP unit can include features such as air conditioning, humidification, along with HEPA filters for clean rooms. The unit allows us to build our dry rooms with a single piece of equipment to handle all of our clients needs. We offer a variety of option to fit your particular needs. -Humidistat -Weather Proof Construction -Structural Skid -Heating Control -Cooling Control -High Capacity Filtration…and more.

Cold Storage Room Solutions

KABTech is your single-source provider of walk-in coolers and freezers. We develop cold rooms for a diverse range of applications, including medical storage, chemical manufacturing, food storage, and more.We design, engineer, and install cold rooms to meet your unique specifications, ensuring an efficient, cost-effective solutions.

cold storageOur commercial walk-in coolers and freezers accommodate a variety of industries and applications, from convenience stores to chemical manufacturing to medical storage. We have extensive experience creating custom walk-in coolers and freezers focused on reliability, functionality, and value. Our cold rooms are easy to install and are versatile enough to be reconfigured, expanded, or relocated as your needs change.

Walk-In Coolers

  • 6″ Thick Laminated Expanded Polystyrene Panels (R-27)
  • 4″ Thick Extruded Polystyrene Panels (R-28)
  • 3 1/2″ Thick Foamed in Place Urethane Panels (R-25)

Walk-In Freezers

  • 4″ Thick Laminated Extruded Polystyrene (R-32)
  • 4″ Thick Laminated Urethane (R-32)
  • 5 1/2″ Thick Foamed in Place Urethane (R-39)

Cold Room Options

  • Spring Loaded Hinges
  • Door Close Assist
  • Strip Curtains
  • Windows
  • Sliding Doors
  • Exterior Rated
  • Large Warehouse Designs

For more information on commercial walk-in cooler and freezer systems, or to Request a Quote, please contact KABTech today.

Industrial Noise Control

Industrial noise control systems from KABTech can address even the most complex noise problems that cannot be solved with standard noise control products. Our experienced team can design and install a solution that fits your unique needs.

Industrial Noise Control Systems

noise control systemsKABTech industrial noise control structures are a high-performance, cost-effective choice for a variety of needs. Our custom solutions are typically utilized to enclose noisy equipment, to create controlled testing environments, or to create soundproof offices.Other applications include power generator enclosures, quality control rooms, product testing rooms, factory offices, computer rooms, sound-proof booths, and quiet rooms. KABTech, noise control systems, are pre-assembled, which help prevent delays in production and reduce total installation times. The structures are also modular, so they can also be quickly moved to help fit a growing facility’s needs.

Benefits include:

  • Extensive design potential
  • Custom fit and finish details
  • Shorter project completion times
  • Clean construction with minimal production disruption
  • High structural performance

KABTech will work to evaluate your needs and develop a noise control system with the functional capabilities you require.

Industrial Noise Enclosures

KABTech can develop a low-maintenance and cost-effective noise and sound reduction enclosure for your problem area.

noise enclosuresKABTech has a range of noise enclosure solutions which are a cost-effective way to prevent and solve loud and excessive noise problems. Sound enclosures are needed for diverse applications, including sound booths, control rooms, factory offices, and power plant offices.

KABTech enclosures are ideal for isolating operators, technicians, and other employees from noisy machinery, equipment, and daily operations. All enclosures are built tough and will stand up to rough work environments for years. KABTech noise enclosures can be designed from pre-assembled structures, outdoor noise barriers, modular panels, or noise control curtains. They install quickly and help block sound transmissions and vibrations.

Noise enclosures can be customized with features such as full vision sound reducing windows, roll-away doors for clear floor access, and multiple in-line equipment enclosures with access ports for material supply and recycling collection. Our experienced team will work with you to determine which noise enclosure is right for your business.

Sound Absorption Panels

sound absorptionKABTech has a variety of durable and effective noise control materials will that help guarantee a quiet work environment.

Do you need help creating a sound proof office or modular structure? KABTech offers a broad range of sound absorption panels, sound blocking materials, and soundproofing window solutions that will stop any sound from coming into your building. KABTech noise control wall blankets are made from a lightweight material and can easily be fitted to any structure. Blankets can be mounted without any disruption to the work facility.

Features include abrasion resistant quilting, Class I fire rating, and custom fabrication. Perfect for harsh work environments subject to high traffic and excess noise. Noise control blankets are commonly used in automotive garages, large warehouses, and manufacturing plants. KABTech sound absorption panels are also available for instantly reducing noise levels. Panels have a polished and professional appearance perfect for commercial and institutional applications.

They are effective with only a 25% coverage percentage and are offered in a variety of different colors and sizes. Construction features include a sturdy panel shell made from 22 gauge perforated steel, 18 gauge built-in mounting brackets, and several protective fill options.

Many of our customers are interested in industrial noise control along with In-Plant modular offices, multi purpose guard houses and steel mezzanines at the same time. Please ask us about any of your facilities modification and storage needs today.