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Industrial Work Platforms and Raised Equipment Platforms

Looking for Elevated, Industrial Work Platforms, second floor stricture work platforms that can be erected inside your industrial plant?

Modular work platforms or Custom designed, raised equipment platforms, raised crossovers or walkways that bolt together and bolt into place.

How about an outside machinery or equipment platform that will be exposed to weather?

Oh, and it cannot be too expensive!  KABTech Corp has got you covered.

Affordable, Custom Designed, Permanent, Raised Work Platforms

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Work Platforms

Equipment Platform

Equipment Platforms

Raised Walkways

Structural Equipment Platforms

KABTech, a leader in the raised platform and structural platform mezzanine industry, offers several types of structural raised platforms that are custom designed to your load and special use requirements.

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These Prefabricated and pre-sized equipment platform kits can be assembled quickly or installed by the KABTech professionals to perform flawlessly for years to come.

Their professional designers have many years of experience designing, shipping and installing:

  • single and multi-level raised industrial platforms,
  • machinery and equipment platforms,
  • structural mezzanines
  • Stair towers and stairs with landing platforms,
  • Raised walkways and industrial crossovers,
  • Mezzanine raised offices and observation rooms,

for many of the leading industrial manufacturers. ( See Video)

Custom Platforms and Walkways Are No Problem!

raised work platformAside from industrially raised work platforms, KABTeck also offers custom designed prefabricated metal stairs and landings for existing raised decking and stair towers for elevated access. These prefabricated platform structures and modular steps are built around your space, equipment requirements and load points.

KaABTech also can provide noise control enclosures and noise control barriers for insulating raised equipment to control noise levels on the platform.

KABTech takes pride in offering some of the most versatile and integrally designed industrial platforms you can find today. Their tech’s go the extra mile when it comes to assisting you with all the details of your modular platforms project requirements. They focus their attention on covering all the details and getting you a quick, accurate quote without delay.

Landings For Surface Equipment

Industrial crossoverWe also address the problem and offer solutions for safe and economical stairways and landings for surface equipment platforms and raised, top-load hopper platforms as well as pre-assembled second story gangways and stair towers.

Their engineers will assure that your industrial work platform, equipment platform or structural mezzanine will meet your expectations as well as meeting or exceeding all of OSHA’s requirements for raised work platforms, walkways, and industrial stairs.

Pre-manufactured industrial raised platforms are more economical than local fab shop contractors. Because of their platform designing experience, you will get a safe, well designed platform in half the time it takes to custom build one at a local fabrication shop.

Industrial Platforms and Structural Mezzanines by KABTech.

Industrial platform
KABTech’s raised industrial platforms and mezzanines can take any form, shape or size you require.

Their unique modular bolt-through design allows the platform beams, columns, and cross members to be installed easily and quickly. Structural modular platforms allow for custom beam sizing to carry load points precisely where they are needed without over sizing the entire structure.

The latest structural beam designs will span greater distances and carry higher load bearing capacity than common prefabricated work platforms can offer.

Quality and versatility is designed into every system.

poured concrete platform
Versatility is one of the great benefits of modular construction.

Industrial raised platforms can be constructed with metal bar grate flooring or poured concrete for a more permanent, durable and long lasting surface.

Mezzanine Under ConstructionMezzanine and raised industrial platform systems other than poured concrete floor structures, have the versatility to be dissembled, relocated or reconfigured for future plant expansion.

This allows for structure enlargement, relocation or equipment modifications without wasting any part of the original platform or platform stairs and landings as redesigns are required.

There are a wide variety of colors and finishes available to keep your custom raised work platforms looking good and performing well for many years even when exposed to the elements.

The floor panels and flooring options can be your choice of wood, bar grating, steel plate or poured concrete for a permanent and durable finish.

Many Uses for Work Platform Structures and Raised Industrial Mezzanines

Many of our clients use our raised work platforms for elevating industrial liquid storage tanks and other products that will use gravity to transport the product to its next stage in production. This also adds the advantage of storing the product above the work floor and saves valuable floor space. This can be combined with a warehouse dividing wall to economically separate usable warehouse space from the raised work platform.

A raised work platform is also necessary to gain access to the tops of transport trucks such as tankers and top load gondolas.

These platforms add safety and security to working above the floor with many choices of handrails, access gates, and sliding gates. These options added to a raised platform can makeup a safe gangway or raised walkway to access machinery or service areas that are hard to reach safely.

Modular steps and prefabricated metal stairs with landing platforms can be configured and custom painted to fit any number of entrance and exit requirements in your choice of colors.

Another practical use is to incorporate our quick ship modular office units with a raised industrial platform to create elevated monitoring towers, outdoor event viewing platforms, elevated guard houses or elevated press boxes for stadiums or racetracks.

Vertical Material LiftLifts for Raised Work Platforms

KABTech also offers a line of industrial vertical material lifts for moving your product safely on and off the raised work platforms as well as stationary mounted machinery. The lifts can be designed to access multiple floor levels safely and efficiently.

Raised, structural platform systems make adding second-floor balconies, elevated walkways and multiple industrial stairways more economical than conventional construction methods and can be completed in only a fraction of the time.

What Options Are Available For Industrial Platforms and Platform Mezzanines?

Several greatest problem-solving features have already been mentioned, for example;

  • Custom designed structures for complex industrial uses.
  • Integrates well with your equipment.
  • Durable and versatile for future expansion.
  • Modular bolt-together system for fast installation.
  • Several finish treatments available for indoor or outdoor exposed locations.
  • Designs for large spans and load requirements.
  • Shipped prefabricated and ready to assemble.
  • Prefabricated metal stairs and landings

So lets look at some of the other great options available for your industrial platform.

  • Platform Designs to Accommodate Your Load Requirements
  • Many Powder Coat Color Finishes
  • Modular Steps and Prefabricated Metal Stairs and Landings Designed as Needed.
  • Adaptable For Military Specifications
  • A Variety of flooring options including resin compost or multi-layer plywood, welded bar grating or diamond plate and poured concrete.
  • Heavy-duty Handrail & Gate Options
  • Adaptable for Equipment Lifts and Product Conveyors.
  • Food Industry Grade Platforms
  • Different Levels of Platform Shipping Options for Economical Delivery
  • Can Be Incorporated with Raised Modular Offices or Multi-level Platforms

Mezzanine Platform with Bar Grate and Pivot GateRequirements For Modular Work Platforms and Equipment Platforms

KABTech technicians are standing by to help youwith any questions you may have about designing the correct industrial platforms. Modular two story officesand offices installed on platforms inside or outside are also available as quick shipor custom units as well as pump house enclosures, security guard shacksand equipment enclosures. They have experienced designers that will calculate the requirements for footings, spans, and load bearing columns needed to get your order correct the first time. Deck heights can also be adjusted for your special platform height requirements. Prefabricated stairways and landings can be ordered for individual applications with limited room for stairway runs. Extra supports can be incorporated into any part of the platform for equipment load point concerns. Our industrial work platforms can be configured around existing equipment, buildings or structures for a complete use of existing workspace.

Here are a few points to consider when planning an industrial work platform for your company.

  • Determine how you plan to use the work platform. Start with where the platform is going to be located. Is your ceiling height at least 14 ft? Will the platform be used for holding industrial equipment? What about in-plant offices or will it be used for multiple applications? Will the platform be tied into an existing structure? Should future expansion plans be incorporated into the initial design?
  • Do you know your slab floor capacity? A typical slab is six inches with temperature and shrinkage reinforcement. Have you conducted a slab and soil analysis to determine if the slab will support a structural platform or if you need to add special footings? (KABTech can help)
  • Some application requirements will affect the design and subsequent platform column loads, so it is critical to find out early if your slab provides the necessary support for columns.
  • Make sure industrial platform column base plates are sized correctly for your load specifications. Platform column base plates need to be sized relative to specific column loads and floor slab capacity. Be aware that with extremely high column loads or low floor slab capacity will create a need for concrete footings. For example, a six-inch concrete slab will not support an elevated platform with a 70,000-pound column load point. For this, column footings would be needed no matter what size base plates are used.
  • Choose a column layout that will not interfere with below platform activity such as forklift traffic. Bear in mind, a custom platform should meet your exact needs. The column layout should accommodate upper-level load points as well as provide the room you need on the lower or floor level. If not see about increasing the span of the platform. In the final analysis, the need for fewer columns should be weighed against the potential cost of a greater span and new footings.
  • Which code is needed for your modification project— IBC 2006, IBC 2003, or other? Make sure your platform design meets all applicable building codes. This is a primarily for West Coast states like California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, and Nevada where moderate to high Seismic Zone requirements are a concern. A properly designed structural platform will meet IBC codes, AISC and ASTM standards, and OSHA requirements. If an industrial platform job is going to be permitted, it will most likely be subject to IBC requirements. If the platform is not going to be permitted, many customers will be required to use OSHA code as a minimum requirement for items like stairs and railing.
  • A professionally engineered, PE-stamped platform will ensure a structurally sound design. PE-stamped drawings specify the platform layout, stair runs, column placement, gate locations and other details. All drawings should be stamped by a licensed professional engineer to assure complete safety and structural integrity. Note: PE-stamped drawings and calculations will typically expedite the permit process. Permit requirements for structures like these are becoming common in most states. While permit approval will add time (and aggravation), PE-stamped drawings and calculations will expedite the permit approval process.
  • What are your structural platform capacity requirements?Think about what the platform will be supporting and how it will be mounted. Pass this information on to the KABTech engineers, so they can design it to meet the right code category and liability rating for your area.
  • Structural work platforms are substantially different from pre-manufactured, modular platforms. Some Modular Work Platforms are prefabricated and sold in standard sizes or modules (i.e., 10 ft x 10 ft). In essence, the end user purchases a packaged platform with predetermined dimensions and load point specifications. These prefab modules are limited to specific sizes and load requirements. A module platform includes column uprights, framing, and a deck surface. The industrial stairs, landings, railing, gates, kick plate, and other components are usually considered options or adders. Modular platforms are installed by the end user or a local contractor.
  • Structural raised work platforms are custom designedfor parameter size, load points, height, beam spans and column placement. These also can include custom industrial stairs, landings, and handrails.

Also consider protecting your raised platform with bollards, barrier rails, column guards and bumpersfor added safety and lasting value. To get a quote or technical assistance for our free standing structural industrial platforms, In-plant mezzanine offices, Multi-level mezzanine structures, or building supported steel mezzanines, contact our expert teamtoday at 888-370-9216