KABTech has a variety of durable and effective noise control materials will that help guarantee a quiet work environment.

Sound Absorption Panels

sound absorptionDo you need help creating a sound proof office or modular structure? KABTech offers a broad range of sound absorption panels, sound blocking materials, and soundproofing window solutions that will stop any sound from coming into your building. KABTech noise control wall blankets are made from a lightweight material and can easily be fitted to any structure. Blankets can be mounted without any disruption to the work facility. Features include abrasion resistant quilting, Class I fire rating, and custom fabrication. Perfect for harsh work environments subject to high traffic and excess noise.

Noise control blankets are commonly used in automotive garages, large warehouses, and manufacturing plants. KABTech sound absorption panels are also available for instantly reducing noise levels. Panels have a polished and professional appearance perfect for commercial and institutional applications. They are effective with only a 25% coverage percentage and are offered in a variety of different colors and sizes. Construction features include a sturdy panel shell made from 22 gauge perforated steel, 18 gauge built-in mounting brackets, and several protective fill options. Learn more about our industrial noise control structures, noise enclosures, and read our noise control system case study. Learn how to increase your storage capacity with steel mezzanines.