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With innovative industrial interiors from KABTech, you can maximize the functionality and value of your facility’s space. Our products are designed and installed to your exact specifications to ensure solutions that meet your needs.

modular in plant officeModular In-Plant Offices

If changes in your business require changes in your use of facility space, modular in-plant offices provide a fast, versatile, and cost-effective solution.


mezzanine stairs

Structural Mezzanine Systems

With structural mezzanine systems, you can quickly expand your floor space to make room for offices, storage, work platforms, and more.


Industrial work platform

Industrial Structural Platforms

KABTech’s Industrial work platforms can be located inside your industrial plant, or outside where elevating your product containers or machinery is required. These platforms are custom designed to accommodate your equipment or special operational needs safely and efficiently.


Industrial crossoverRaised Walkways, Crossover Platforms, Stair Towers and Landings Built for Safety

KABTech is one of the most versatile raised platform suppliers in the industry. We specialize in solving your elevated access and walkway problems with safe and economical work platforms, equipment crossovers, caged ladders and stair towers.


Wire Mesh Partitionswire mesh partition in warehouse

Our high-quality wire mesh partitions, wire security cages, and wire mesh enclosures are a cost-effective, convenient option for storing and securing tools, products, and other equipment.


Barrier Railsbarrier rail

Protect your employees and property from forklift accidents with KABTech heavy duty barrier rails. KABTech’s unique barrier rail design is engineered for strength and durability at an affordable price. All barrier rails are constructed of high-strength ASTM A-36 structural steel, providing the added safety that cold-rolled steel products just can’t deliver.


Vertical Material LiftsVertical material lifts

We offer a line of CIP vertical material lifts which help move parts and equipment from the separate warehouse and building levels. They are a cost-effective alternative to higher priced personnel elevators and forklifts. Vertical lifts can be used to transport all types of items, from small products to large boxes. Each lift is custom designed depending on your particular needs and specialized applications.


Modular Office Systemsmodular office systems

A flexible option for providing production team meeting spaces, modular office systems can be ready in a fraction of the time required for conventional construction and without the dust and distractions.


Steel Bollardssteel bollards

Installed to protect doorways, aisle ways, equipment, and more, steel bollards are easy to mount and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


Lista Storage CabinetsLista cabinets

KABTech offers a complete line of high-quality Lista storage cabinets, workstations, and workspace solutions to help increase employee productivity and reduce item retrieval times.


Architectural Wall Systemswall systems

KABTech has modular wall systems which offer flexibility for KABTech architectural wall system growing companies. These modular wall systems are the perfect compliment to an in-plant office or a steel mezzanine.


glass partition wallsGlass Partition Walls

KABTech glass partition walls are an ecological and sophisticated workplace solution. Our glass walls create clean and contemporary spaces while accommodating your needs as they change.