Architectural Wall Systems Create a Flexible Work Environment

KABTech has modular architectural wall systems which offer flexibility forKABTech architectural wall system growing companies. These architectural modular wall systems are the perfect compliment to an in-plant office or a steel mezzanine office structure.

Like other in-plant modular office suppliers, we know that cost and install time are a top concern, but our services go beyond that.

We are dedicated to establishing beautiful work environments and adhering to strict budgets. As your company culture progresses, you will need a commercial interior to match it. The versatile design of KABTech architectural wall systems allows you to change your walls quickly from solid to glass without any disruption to your work facility.

The NxtWall Flex technology can easily be disassembled and relocated at any time, and all walls are made from 100% recyclable materials and support LEED building designs.

Our architectural wall systems can be custom configured with a variety of materials such as recycled wood, whiteboard, CGI, stained glass, standard glass, and more. Walls can also be detailed with a variety of different panels and paint finishes. The modular design is built to accommodate different curvilinear floor layouts and challenging building environments.

You can also customize the doors depending on security and privacy needs. Customizable door options include swing and sliding doors, different door locks, door frames and other hardware.

For more information on KABTech architectural wall systems, read our architectural wall brochure or contact us today.