Benefits of Modular Constructed Offices and Mezzanines

Modular construction is a fast and economical way to capture wasted square footage in your industrial plant or warehouse without the mess and down time that typical construction methods require. You also get a clean, modern look with Superior quality and functionality.

Adding Prefab Offices, Environment Control Rooms, Guard Shacks Mezzanines and More.

In-plant office under constructionSooner or later your business will outgrow the usable square footage of your facility. Whether you are a product manufacturer, a warehouse facility that transports and stores material or a business that offers products and service, you will need to increase your in plant workspace one day.

Typical construction can be very costly, consume an enormous amount of management time, delay production and be very difficult to coordinate work teams to complete the project on schedule. Then there is the mess, debris and contaminants that collect in your facility, that new construction produces.

Modular Construction Benefits

Modular construction methods such as using prefab Inplant Offices, Modular Environment Control Rooms, Structural Mezzanines, Prefabricated Raised Walkways and Stairways or Prefab Guard Shacks, Out Buildings and Pump Houses will save time and money while ensuring a factory up fit completed on schedule.

KABTech Corp. offers many choices of factory manufactured modular offices, modular rooms, platforms, mezzanines and guard shacks. KABTech supplies modular facility components to major companies using the best manufacturers to assure top quality products and service.

They have been a leading modular office supplier since 1985 along with many other quick install warehouse products such as:

  • Bollards
  • Forklift Barriers
  • Wire security cages and wire dividers
  • Pallet racking and material storage
  • warehouse safety products and enclosures


Benefits with Prefab Offices and Raised Mezzanines By KABTech

  • Less Production Time Disruption – modular offices and prefab products are custom built at the factory. With strict quality control guidelines, you can be sure your office, production room or raised platforms will assemble quickly with unmatched accuracy. All painting and fitting is already completed. The only factory disruption time you experience is during installation. Even that process can be done without interrupting other parts of the facility due to fewer people and machinery required to complete the job.
  • You Do Not Pay for Unused Material – Because the offices, buildings, and platform parts are manufactured off-site; you only pay for the cost of the finished product. You do not purchase the construction residue and scrap or unused parts that seem to disappear from the job site when the job is completed.
  • Modular Construction is Versatile – because these parts are designed to be quickly assembled, they can also be quickly un-assembled and relocated if necessary to keep up with your growing industry. When you modify these buildings and platforms you can purchase additional parts that easily integrate with what you already have, thus no waste and cheaper expansion costs.
  • Reduction of Construction Contaminants – As you know, typical construction methods will cause a great deal of construction dust, fallout and debris. This is one of the main reasons for shutting down production during construction. Cleanup after a construction project in itself is a major task and again, more lost production time. With modular prefabricated offices, in-plant rooms, mezzanines and product storage systems, the clean up is very minimal and can usually be done during the initial setup. Try that with typical construction.
  • Fast Delivery and Shipping Methods – Unlike typical construction, many of the parts that make up your plant modification components are already manufactured and will be packed and shipped or assembled as soon as your order is processed. You received a ready to assemble or pre-assembled product. Not a truck dropping off raw construction material.

Reducing Construction Cost is a Big Plus

Modular construction

Mezzanine Under Construction 2

inplant office dividers

Every company which has a large manufacturing facility or warehouse wants to reduce their overall plant costs. For that reason, it is essential that the in-plant modifications include modular built offices and work space components.

With a typical construction process, the offices and plant modification drawings are approved and an assortment of many different crews have to coordinate their operations to get it done right the first time. When has that happened?

With modular construction, Work crews that are building your factory components are more experienced with modular construction process and the material used. The drawings you approve are what you receive exactly as you ordered. You can choose to install many modular offices or mezzanines yourself or request a trained crew to complete the job for you.

When a company chooses to install modular offices in their plant, they are moving in the direction of expanded profits and a timely project completion. Modular cleanrooms and inspection rooms provide unique benefits to manufacturers.

By obtaining a modular office, businesses will eliminate costly construction methods, reduce production downtime and lost labor time.

Lost Production Time

Compared to conventional construction, installing modular in-plant offices and mezzanine platforms reduce the time production is interrupted and labor time is lost. Items like modular guard booths, ticket booths, pump house enclosures and parking lot security booths can be shipped complete and can be installed in one working day.

Overall, modular built products and offices lead to a reduction in costs, present an attractive look, and are versatile so they can always be shifted or modified as you business expands.

Typical Modular offices:

  • In-plant Offices
  • Shipping and Receiving Offices
  • Quality Control and Product Inspection
  • Clean, Dust Control and Air Filtration
  • Quiet, Noise Reducing Rooms
  • Dry Rooms
  • Cold Storage Rooms
  • Computer Rooms
  • Laser and Robot Enclosures
  • Training Rooms
  • Break Rooms/ Lunch Rooms
  • Storage and Security Offices
  • Conference Rooms
  • Dark Rooms and more

Typical Prefab Buildings:

  • Guard Shacks
  • Pump Houses or Equipment Enclosures
  • Parking Lot Security
  • Ticket Booths
  • Out buildings and Grounds Offices

Typical Modular Mezzanines and Industrial Platforms:

  • In Plant Storage Mezzanines
  • Mezzanines with Office Above or Below
  • Inside or Outside Industrial Platforms
  • Raised Walkways, Stairways, Crossovers and Stair Towers
  • Product Loading Platforms

Economical Modular Products Continue to Save Money with Future Modifications

Shipping Pump EnclosureAlso, prefab in plant offices help reduce electrical costs, reconstruction and re-modification costs, and overhead costs. The parts and components of modular offices, specialty rooms and raised platforms are dis-mountable and reusable.

Along with the benefits and advantages already mentioned, Prefabricated and modular designed offices and products are built by companies with a long history of producing these products.

If you find a need to replace a damaged part, whether it is a wall section or platform column, replacement parts are a phone call away. This eliminates hours of searching for a local company to custom build or produce a replacement part that won’t match the original design and color.

Many prefabricated platform parts and industrial platform kits along with a large assortment of modular inplant offices and prefab out buildings can be sold as “Quick Ship” Products. Ask your KABTech representative about the possibility of a quick ship type product for your modification needs.

Dividing Warehouse Floor Space with Demountable Walls

Warehouse dividing wallAnother area that modular products such as modular hard walls can be used is adding divider walls to a large, open facility such as a warehouse.

Do you have several operations in your facility that are located in close proximity but need to be separated to prevent product dust or machinery noise from carrying? Modular walls create divided space faster and more economically than typical construction.

Modular hard walls can be used together or added with flexible noise reducing curtains to correctly divide a work area without allowing the noise and contamination from one work area to interfere with another.

This can be done at a fraction of the cost of building a stud wall. Again, this wall can easily be removed and relocated for future expansion projects.

In this modern age, there is a complete shift in the architecture of offices and factories worldwide.

Mezzanine officePeople do not encourage gaudy offices anymore; they are more concerned with the overall performance and appearance.

Modular construction offices include environmentally friendly construction and cleanliness for efficient space management.

With modular plant offices, mezzanines, and wire mesh partitions, companies can target noise minimization within the office environment and create a better atmosphere for management and workers alike.

Also, there is a great advantage in bringing the management staff closer to the production area and still provide a safe and quiet work environment

Modular Construction Quality Continually Improves

Modern day modular offices are a sign of advancement within the manufacturing industry. The designers and manufacturers of these modular offices are looking for ways to reduce the cost of their products. They keep on devising more economical methods of manufacturing these products with less waste. This can clearly be seen as the price of these modular construction products go down and the quality of the products go up.

To ensure that the reduced expenses in modular construction get converted into your company profits, your company must encourage further design and installation of modular offices in your business or facility.

Visit to find out about all the industrial plant modifications and modular built products they offer. You can also contact a KABTech representative with questions and design requirement you have to increase the value and productivity of your facilities work space. We are standing by and would love to hear from you today!