Industrial noise control systems from KABTech can address even the most complex noise problems that cannot be solved with standard noise control products. Our experienced team can design and install a solution that fits your unique needs.

Custom Noise Control Systems

noise control systemsKABTech, a leader in modular in plant offices and facility upgrades and modifications, offers custom built industrial noise control structures and products that are a high-performance, cost-effective choice for a variety of needs.

Our custom solutions and products are typically utilized to enclose noisy equipment, to create enclosed controlled testing environments, or to create soundproof offices.

Noise EnclosureThese noise controlling structures can be prefabricated and shipped as complete units. Or for larger applications, can be shipped as modular enclosure kits. Modularly assembled units can be erected around existing equipment in a short amount of time, thus reducing the down time of your manufacturing process.

Other applications include power generator enclosures, quality control rooms, product testing rooms, factory offices,  computer rooms, sound-proof booths,  and quiet rooms.

KABTech’s pre-assembled noise control enclosure systems help prevent delays in production and reduce total installation times.  The structures are also modular, so they can also be easily moved and relocated as needed to help fit an expanding facility’s needs.

Benefits include:

  • Extensive design potential
  • Custom fit and finish details
  • Shorter project completion times
  • Clean construction with minimal production disruption
  • High structural performance

KABTech will work to evaluate your needs and develop a noise control system with the functional capabilities you require. Learn more about KABTech sound absorption panels, noise enclosures, and read our industrial noise control case study.

Contact KABTech today and experience the personal one on one service you expect. Our technicians will assist you in choosing the correct modular enclosure that is right for your application.