Industrial Noise Control System

Recently, KABTech had an automotive service department come to us looking for assistance with an industrial noise control problem. The heavy machinery and equipment located in their central area of operations were creating a significant amount of noise which compounded in the room and also disturbed nearby office areas. The automotive department needed a solution, other than building an entirely new infrastructure, which would drastically reduce the penetrating noise coming from their machines and equipment. To solve this problem, KABTech installed three different products which included sound absorption panels, sound blocking materials, and soundproofing window treatments.

Noise Control System

First, we set up sound absorption panels designed to absorb sound but not block it entirely. We used these panels on three sides of the main room and suspended them down ten feet from the ceiling. The main purpose of these panels was to reduce the internal noise build-up of the main area of operations.

Equipment Noise Control

Next, we installed sound blocking panels; these were made up from layers of sound absorption materials on the outside, coupled with sound blocking materials in the center. These panels helped to absorb the loud sounds in the room and to block noise from passing into the surrounding office rooms. We attached these panels to the ceiling and suspended them down 18’6 to the floor.

Some of the most important fixtures to address were the windows leading into the adjacent offices, as they were the primary source of noise transfer and sound leakage. To solve this issue, we installed a clear vinyl solution which was sewn into the outside panels. This allowed the existing window to be utilized while also blocking sound from coming through to the offices. During the installation, our team had to make several field cuts to work around the existing fixtures on the walls. We were able to use a razor knife and fielding binding kit to cut the panel and bind the edges neatly.

To conclude the noise control project we applied soundproofing window treatment to the office side of the windows to help block transfer sounds. We then installed a soundproof window to the existing window frame and finished it off with a 3/8 sheet of laminated glass.

The automotive service department was thrilled with the end-result. They loved how the noise control panels were neatly hung from the wall so they would not interfere with the purpose of the room. But most importantly they enjoyed the reduced noise levels of the room – our panels succeeded in preventing 90% of the noise from entering into the surrounding offices.

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