KABTech is the leader in industrial warehouse modifications, supplying all of the needed structures and equipment to quickly adapt your industrial plant to your changing requirements. Apart from In-Plant Offices, Strctural Mezzanines and Industrial Equipment Platforms, we also offer safety and protection for your employees and the facility surroundings including in-plant buildings and machinery.

KABTech’s product line will safely protect parameters and work space by meeting or exceeding OSHA standards and requirements while protecting valuable equipment, product, and personnel from damage or personal injury.


Safety Barrier Rails


Protect your employees and property from forklift accidents with KABTech heavy duty industrial safety barriers and barrier rails. KABTech’s unique safety barrier rail design is engineered for strength and durability at an affordable price.

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Column Guards and Rack Protection

Post Protector

Stress and Crack-Resistant Poly Column Protectors wrap around uprights creating a lightweight barrier. These barriers protect your columns for fork-lifts and other hazards.

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Steel Security Bollards and Safety Guards

Steel Security BollardsWith steel security bollards from KABTech, you can quickly and easily protect doorways, aisle ways, equipment, and many other areas inside or outside your facility.

safety guardThese safety guards are made of the same heavy-duty steel tubing as our bollards. Bollards and guards are available in stainless steel or safety yellow powder coating finish. This ensures the bollards and guards will last for years against all kinds of abuse and exposure to the elements.

Our durable steel bollards are low-maintenance, easy to install and designed for a range of applications.

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Conveyor Guards and Robotics Guards

Mezznine For Distribution Center

Guard your employees and equipment against forklift and heavy machinery accidents with our perimeter machinery guards. Our east to install, conveyor guards keep your facilities running smoothly and help reduce preventable injuries and OSHA violations. KABTech guards are ideal for protecting conveyors, robots, and automated machinery.

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Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

excel floor mats

The KABTech anti-fatigue mat is a mid-compression floor mat with excellent traction. This is a must-have for workers who are required to stand in static positions for extended periods of time.

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Noise Barriers

sound absorption

Do you need to create a sound proof office or modular structure or surround noisy machinery? KABTech offers a broad range of sound absorption panels, sound blocking materials, and soundproofing window solutions that will stop any sound from coming into or out of your building or machinery enclosure.

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