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KABTech specializes in industrial sound proof buildings, equipment enclosures to control noise and noise control systems. Our expertise in modular design provides significant advantages for reducing noise in the manufacturing environment without adding expensive construction costs to the project.

Industrial Noise Control Systems

Industrial noise control modular offices and noise control enclosure systems from KABTech can address even the most complex noise problems that cannot be solved with standard noise control products. Our experienced team can design and install a solution that addresses your unique noise control problems.

Noise Control SystemKABTech industrial noise control structures are a high-performance, cost-effective choice for a variety of needs.

Our custom solutions are typically utilized to enclose noisy equipment, to create controlled testing environments, or to create soundproof offices.

KABTech, noise control systems, are pre-assembled, which help prevent delays in production and reduce total installation times.

Other applications include power generator enclosures, quality control rooms, product testing rooms, sound-proof booths and quality control rooms. The structures are also modular, so they can also be quickly moved to help fit a growing facility’s needs.

Modular Soundproof Offices

Modular Training RoomOne of the advantages of using KABTech modular office structures is the ability to custom build the In-plant office the way you need it. The modular office can be fit into tight locations, close to the assembly process or even elevated on a platform without having to deal with unwanted noise.

These noise-reducing rooms are typically used for factory offices, computer rooms, training rooms and more.

Benefits include:

  • Extensive design potential
  • Custom fit and finish details
  • Shorter project completion times
  • Clean construction with minimal production disruption
  • High structural performance

KABTech offers personal service to evaluate your needs and develop a noise control system with the functional capabilities you require.

You can request more information and a prompt quote for your industrial project today. Our KABTech technicians are waiting to respond to your request today.


Noise Enclosures

KABTech can develop a low-maintenance and cost-effective, custom noise control solution that meets your requirements.

Equipment Noise ControlKABTech has a range of noise enclosure solutions which are a cost-effective way to prevent and solve loud and excessive noise problems.

Sound enclosures are needed for diverse applications, including sound booths, control rooms, factory offices, and power plant offices. KABTech enclosures are ideal for isolating operators, technicians, and other employees from noisy machinery, equipment, and daily operations.

All enclosures like our prefabricated pump enclosures are built tough and will stand up to rough work environments for years. KABTech noise enclosures can be designed from pre-assembled structures, outdoor noise barriers, modular panels, or noise control curtains. They install quickly and help block sound transmissions and vibrations.

Modular Noise EnclosureNoise enclosures can be customized with features such as full vision sound reducing windows, roll-away doors for clear floor access, and multiple in-line equipment enclosures with access ports for material supply and recycling collection.

Our experienced team will work with you to determine which noise enclosure is right for your business.

Many of our customers are interested in industrial noise control enclosures on raised steel mezzanines at the same time. Please ask us about both products. Learn more about our industrial noise control solutions, sound absorption panels, and read more on quality control room enclosures.


Sound Absorption Panels

KABTech has a variety of durable and effective noise control materials will that help guarantee a quiet work environment.

Sound Absorption PanelsDo you need help creating a sound proof office or modular structure? KABTech offers a broad range of sound absorption panels, sound blocking materials, and soundproofing window solutions that will stop any noise from coming into your building.

KABTech noise control wall blankets are made from a lightweight material and can easily be fitted to any structure. Blankets can be mounted without any disruption to the work facility. Features include abrasion resistant quilting, Class I fire rating, and custom fabrication. Perfect for harsh work environments subject to high traffic and excess noise.

Noise Control SystemNoise control blankets are commonly used in automotive garages, large warehouses, and manufacturing plants. KABTech sound absorption panels are also available for instantly reducing noise levels.

Panels have a polished and professional appearance perfect for commercial and institutional applications. They are efficient with only a 25% coverage percentage and are offered in a variety of different colors and sizes.

Construction features include a sturdy panel shell made from 22 gauge perforated steel, 18 gauge built-in mounting brackets, and several protective fill options.

Learn more about our industrial noise control structures, noise enclosures, and Modular noise reducing offices today.

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You can also learn more about “Modular Cleanroom Applications” from KABTech.

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