Modular Pump and Equipment Enclosures

KABTech Corp supplies Modular Equipment Enclosures and Indoor/Outdoor Pump Housings that provide a fast and economical enclosure for many different industries and applications.

Platform with pump enclosure

KABTech, a leading supplier for modular in-plant offices, mezzanines, dividing walls and more.

We also offer a variety of modular prefabricated buildings and equipment enclosures.

These quality built modular outbuildings are designed to ship and installed quickly with minimal effort and little disruption of your facility’s work schedule.

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Modular Pump Enclosures

When selecting an enclosure to conceal and protect your vital equipment you will need to use modular enclosures that are versatile and adapt well for that particular installation requirement.

This type of flexibility is designed into all the modular buildings and prefabricated equipment housings that KABTech sells. The available floor plans, structure materials, insulation factors and overall appearance choices are extensive and offer a variety of price ranges.

Let’s look at some of the exterior wall material choices for these modular enclosures:

Standard Features Include

  • Steel underframe with forklift pockets, complete floor with supports as needed including galvanized underlayment, galvanized roof sheeting painted as needed, diffused lighting, heavy-duty wall coverings and complete electrical systems.

Custom Options


  • Corrugated roof panels, Roof systems that allow stacking units, HVAC units, automatic door closers, sprinklers, ventilation fans and many door and window choices.
  • Aluminum, steel, fiberglass, precast concrete, wood and bulletproofs steel.
  • Custom options can include special requests for structure modifications.


Modular Enclosure Advantages

  • Fast packing and shipping, cost effective pricing, versatile designs, durability, drop over equipment construction, pre-wired electrical systems and more.

Design For Your Purpose

no floor buildingWe offer no floor buildings that allow the installer to simply set the entire unit over the existing pumps or equipment and bolt it down quickly.

Complete pre-installed wiring makes wiring your enclosure into your service panel easy.

pump enclosure or equipment housingSpecial requests are no problem for KABTech. We can provide your pump enclosure or equipment housing with special features like high voltage receptacles, power transformers and cable trays and cable enclosures.

Custom modular walls can a greater cost saving as needed including angled walls, special sound and temperature insulation, entrance and roll up door options and many window choices. Units can be designed to stack in facilities with limited floor space, or we offer two story in-plant modular offices.

These equipment enclosures and pump houses are code compliant. All electrical components are UL listed, and the units are pre-wired to National Electrical Code requirements.

Protection From Elements and Freeze Protection

Protection From ElementsRoof material is galvanized for added protection against moisture, daily exposure and rust or corrosion.
Under floor galvanized sheeting is also available.

Double insulated glass windows for temperature control.

Humidity is controlled with vapor barriers throughout the unit as well. 3.5 inches of insulation helps maintain comfortable inside temperatures.
Structural sheeting and gypsum lined walls ensure a sound decibel drop of 25-30 decibels and can be incorporated forklift other sound deadening material for complete sound control.

26 or 29 gauge ribbed steel exterior panels withstand the toughest conditions and have a baked finish that will provide years of fade resistant color.

Installation Considerations

equipment housingAll stand alone pump enclosures and equipment housings include everything needed for a fast and easy installation. The application for these buildings are endless and come as an entirely prefabricated building or can be shipped as a kit for larger applications.

Height regulations apply to prefabricated buildings that are shipped as a complete structure. Contact KABTech to get the shipping details for your pump or equipment enclosure.

Mount On a Platform or Over Another Unit

Mount On a PlatformBecause these prefabricated buildings have a number of different uses they can be designed to stack, be placed on a raised industrial platform or placed on mezzanines to create a second-floor office or equipment enclosure or even be roof mounted.

Crane lift base pump enclosuresCrane lift base pump enclosures are a preferred choice for many installations because of the easy placement process. These pump housings are the most economical and require less labor time to set up.
You can also choose a non-insulated unit as well with no interior walls for a greater cost saving.

Choosing the Correct Pump Enclosure

You can choose the enclosure that works best for you with a choice of standard or heavy industrial designs.
Standard grade offers 13 ga. 2″x 6″ tubular base frame members with a structural steel 2”x 8” C channel equipped with fork lift slots.

You can choose many options so your building is ready for its intended use when it arrives.

• Baseboard heat.
• Ventilation fans.
• Exterior lighting.
• Conduit for computer wiring.
• Carpeting or vinyl tile.
• No floor.
• Transformers and wire trays.
• Smoke and security alarms.

Picture or sliding windows.
• Special access doors.
• Tinted glass.
• Several roofing styles.
• Inside storage compartments.
• Washroom facilities.
• 8′ ceiling or higher.
• Security or ticket windows.

If you don’t see it, just ask!


Equipment Enclosure Sizes

The standard floor plans range from a convenient 4′ x 6′ to 12′ x 40′ manufactured in a one piece, prefabricated modular unit.

Equipment Enclosure Sizes(Height restrictions apply for shipping purposes)
4′ x 6′ 93” x 14′ 117” x 12′ 141” x 16′
6′ x 8′ 93” x 16′ 117” x 14′ 141” x 18′
93” x 8′ 93” x 18′ 117” x 16′ 141” x 20′
93” x 10′ 93” x 20′ 117” x 18′
93” x 12′ 117” x 10′ 117” x 20′

Modular units can be ordered in pairs and custom designed to attach at the ends to form connected finish layouts in the shape of T’s, L’s, S’s and so on.

For complete, up to date pricing, contact a KABTech representative.

A KABTech representative will contact you without delay and calculate the features and options you need to select the correct pump house, equipment enclosure or any quick ship building you need to get the job done, inside or outside of your facility.
You can also ask about any of you facility modification needs including prefabricated shipping and receiving offices.

From bollards and forklift barriers, pallet rack storage to Mezzanines, industrial platforms, and In-Plant offices, KABTech is you #1 source for industrial in-plant modification products.