Industrial Pallet Racks

Pallet Rack

KABTech supplies several types of Industrial Pallet Racks and product storage systems that are ready for immediate shipping.

You can choose a pallet racking system or product storage system that is specifically designed for the way you intend to move and store your pallets and merchandise. See why KABTech’s storage systems provide the best long-term storage solutions for warehouse facilities that constantly move inventory.

Correct Racks Add Efficiency

Correct Racks Add Efficiency

The type of pallet racking system you choose will greatly effect the efficiency of your warehouse storage operations.

Your goal is to improve your warehouse productivity and efficiency by utilizing your available floor space in the most efficient way possible. The correct pallet racks and storage racks are a key element in achieving this goal.

KABTech Storage Rack Benefits

Along with the highest quality Pallet Storage Racks, you will receive:

  • Economical rack pricing
  • Unlimited versatility
  • Improved efficiency
  • Highest safety standards
  • Maximum usage of floor space
  • Personal assistance through completion
  • Suggestions with a variety of choices

We Have The Rack Style You Need!

KABTech offers a large variety of heavy duty Pallet Racks, Cantilever Racks, Push Back Racks and Drive-in Storage Racks as well as storage rack safety accessories to accommodate any need your industry may have.

KABTech pallet racking systems add versatility and safety to any warehouse or industrial facility that handles and stores large quantities of items of all sizes. These rack systems provide ease of access as well as safety and durability even in high traffic areas.

KABTech pallet racks are available in multiple styles such as tear drop, slotted, and structural frames.

To select the best pallet storage racks, it is important to take into account the items which need to be stored, size specifications, and available storage space.

Our pallet racks offer several simple assembly features to make your pallet rack installation fast and secure.

  • Teardrop racks are boltless, easy to assemble, and highly compatible.
  • Slotted pallet racks have a hook and slot with automatic locking columns.
  • Structural racking systems are made up of steel channels and feature heavy-duty horizontal bases.

100% of items stored on pallet racks designed by KABTech will have easy access, and racks can be custom configured with accessories such as column guards, pallet rack safety guards and forklift barriers. Bolt-in, steel bollards and pallet rack guards can be quickly installed without concrete work for added pallet rack protection.

We Can Assist You With Your Storage Rack Choices

Pallet Racks

Pallet racks also come in a number of different sizes, colors, and load capacities. KABTech pallet racks consist of two upright frames and adjoining beams, with two beams per shelf level which can easily adjust to handle any load.

KABTech beams are fastened together with Bowlock safety clips instead of nuts and bolts, which makes them quick and easy to install without having to use any tools.

Our pallet rack uprights also feature an industry-standard teardrop design which is compatible with most teardrop style beams. cantilever-racksKABTech vertical pallet posts are available in heights up to 46 feet, and our beams can be adjusted in two-inch increments.

KABTech also offers post protectors to help prevent damage from forklifts and other automated machinery. Additional accessories include row spacers, crossbars, forklift entry bars, and drum cradles. Pallet rack colors include green, orange, gray, yellow, and custom colors such as beige, white, blue and red.

Selecting The Correct Pallet Storage Racks

Selecting the correct pallet storage system should always be done with the help of the KABTech pros.

Requirements for your pallet racking system should not be underestimated. Well-meaning project managers sometimes guesstimate the pallet rack system by checking the load capacity per beam but don’t correctly calculate beam span and allow for maximum loaded pallets.

Capacity requirements for industrial pallet storage racks are easily calculated with a formula similar to this example:

  1. Using your heaviest pallet weight, (3,000 lbs. in this example) multiply this weight by the number of pallets that will fit in each beam span you plan to use.
  2. For a 96″ span, you would fit two pallets with a maximum load of 3,000 lbs. per pallet giving you a maximum beam capacity of 6,000 lbs. per level on the pallet rack.
  3. Next, you will need to find the “maximum vertical beam spacing” by finding the correct measurement of your example pallet height, with needed free top clearance and add 5″ per beam level for the beam.
  4. This measurement can be divided by the “vertical beam length” you intend to use and multiplied by your “total beam spans” to find your correct pallet rack storage capacity
  5. This capacity should be checked by your “vertical beam load capacity” as well to ensure the right vertical beams were selected.

Keep in mind; this example is only intended for estimating your pallet storage capacity. The technical support group at KABTech can select and design the most efficient pallet racking systems for your industrial warehouse storage needs. Safety and efficiency are the number one factor in choosing the correct pallet storage system.

Other Pallet Rack Systems Include Push-Back and Drive-in Racks

For storing and moving large quantities of first in, last out types of products in a limited amount of space, we offer Drive-In Pallet racks. 

Drive in racksThis is a low-cost, high-density product storage system, allowing quick access in and out of the racks without the required aisle spacing for conventional pallet storage racks. These racks can be designed to hold as many as ten pallets deep per section.

Drive in pallet rack storage is accomplished by adding horizontal rails to support the pallets as needed, as the rack fills from the back to the front. This method allows the racks to be placed along the back walls of a warehouse and gives you more storage space with less required aisle spacing.

Drive-Thru Pallet Rack Systems

Drive-Thru Pallet Storage Racks give you the same drive-in convenience and economy but allows you to access the stored product from either end of the racks.

Drive-in and Drive-Thru pallet rack systems allow safe loading even in confined spaces. Before ordering this type of pallet storage system, you should verify with KABTech that the forklifts that will be used are compatible with this system.

Drive-in pallet racking systems are designed with safety in mind and require little maintenance. However, because of frequent forklift contact, the racks should have periodic safety inspections, and any damages should be repaired before continuing the use of that damaged section.

Pallet Racks with Push Back Options

Push Back Pallet Racks are just another way to find pallet loading convenience and extra storage space that conventional pallet rack systems do not have.

These pallet racks are great for moving heavy loaded pallets to the rear of the racking system as needed. This system works best with first in, last out storage and can increase your available storage space by 85%.

With push back pallet storage, the pallets are loaded onto rolling shelves. As the next pallet is loaded, the first pallet rolls to the back. The rear pallet will return to the front with gravity when the front pallet is removed from the rack.

KABTech’s experienced staff can assist you from start to finish with all aspects of your pallet storage system and are ready to answer any questions or help you with storage rack concerns. We can also help you with safety products that will keep your employees safe and protect your mezzanine against forklift damage.

Contact KABTech today for a free quote and assistance in planning your complete pallet racking and storage rack needs.