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Drive-In Storage Racks

Drive in racks

KABTech drive-in storage racks an economical way to create high-density storage in your industrial facility. Drive-in racks store equipment and products on pallets which can easily be moved and adjusted with a forklift. This maximizes the vertical storage space of your warehouse, increasing storage capabilities by 75%.

To stand up to heavy machinery use and high traffic areas, KABTech drive-in storage racks are built tough with added structural integrity and support. Our pallet storage racks can also be custom configured depending on your budget restrictions, warehouse height, and load capacity.

Storage Rack Features

KABTech drive-in storage racks come equipped with the following features:

  • High load bearing capacity
  • Custom design options including different column materials
  • Heavy-duty frames which reduce forklift damage
  • Unlimited system depth

Drive-in racks are perfect for seasonal, quick moving items, or for cooler/freezer storage. Learn more about our pallet racks, and cantilever storage racks.