Warehouse and Industrial Manufacturing Plant Enclosures and Hard Wall Dividers.

With correct planning and use of quality wire enclosure, security cages, warehouse fencing and partition products by KABTech Corp, setting up secure, economical parameters for safety and storage in you warehouse or manufacturing facility is quick and easy.

Industrial walls, safety dividing walls and metal partition systems can be used to create machinery enclosures and enclosed work spaces to ensure product and employee safety.

Enclosures for Efficient Productivity and Safety.

Efficient productivityMachinery safety enclosure is always a top priority in the manufacturing industry today along with safety and improved technology. Your goals to meet these challenges are always changing and evolving into a better, more improved quality product and more efficient ways to produce that product.

Wire security cages, industrial machine enclosures, and warehouse dividers can be a useful part of ensuring product quality, security, and safety for your warehouse personnel and equipment.

KABTech supplies many different wire and screen partitions, industrial enclosures, security cages and storage lockers. Our wire enclosures are designed to ship and install quickly and easily with very little disruption to your manufacturing processes.

Contact KABTech Corp. for a free quote and assistance with your project today.

Wire Industrial Enclosures, Barriers and Warehouse Fence.

warehouse fencingWire partitions and wire enclosures feature a uni-mesh woven design allowing maximum visibility and unrestricted air circulation, light and fire control systems.

They have a wide range of uses including closing in a parameter around sensitive or hazardous machinery, robotics, conveyors or any other area that requires prohibited or limited entry from personnel. These security enclosures can also be used to maintain a safe distance from the workflow area.

Options include:

  • Wire security ceiling panels.

  • Choice of side panel material such as wire, clear Lexan or sheet metal.

  • Locking and latching options.

  • Sliding or swing doors.

  • Powder coat finishes in many popular colors.

Forklift Security Enclosures

Barrier Rails

With the addition of forklift barrier rails, these enclosures can prevent product loss due to misguided forklifts or accidents. Forklift barrier rails bolt together for easy installation and provide a durable barrier that is made of high-strength ASTM A-36 structural steel.

This barrier system exceeds OSHA standards for barrier requirements and is far superior to most forklift barrier rail systems found today. It is recommended to use forklift barrier rails to protect warehouse fencing and industrial enclosures that will be near forklift traffic.

Wire Mesh Enclosures and Security Cages

wire mesh storage lockersWire mesh enclosures are an economical way to secure an area for a specific purpose. The SG2000 wire enclosure system is highly versatile with the ability to mount free stand units with 10-foot walls and maintain structural stability.

The many uses of these wire enclosures include DEA storage, military equipment, sensitive data centers, evidence rooms, dividing wall partitions for robotics, combustible materials or any other substances or equipment that requires a security controlled environment.

These enclosures can be built under or on top of a mezzanine to add additional usable floor space

Some of the features for these freestanding enclosures are:

  • Posts with extended heights and variable sweep space.
  • Tapered and custom side panels for openings such as windows, machine extensions or stairways.
  • ADA locking capabilities and electronic access controls.
  • Many color matching choices including black, safety yellow, red, green and white.

Economical Wire Mesh Lockers, Tool Cribs, and Storage Rooms


These wire tool cribs, mesh lockers, and security enclosures are made of 10-guage diamond pattern steel wire mesh and provide a durable, safe and secure storage unit for industrial plants, warehouses, apartments, condos, military facilities and more.

The open mesh wire design allows for proper air ventilation and unobstructed interior visibility.

These wire mesh lockers and storage rooms are completely customize-able and have a wide range of wire material to choose from. The through-bolt design makes installation is quick and easy.

KABTech also offers pre-assembled locker units made of heavy-duty 6–gauge welded wire that can be shipped, ready for immediate use.

Wire Security Cages

computer server room and data storage security cageWelded, wire mesh security cages are a cost effective way to prevent theft or damage to tools or product.

SG2180 wire cages are made of 6-guage wire panels welded at every contact point to ensure long lasting durability and integrity.

These tough and rigid industrial enclosure cage units can be custom designed to meet your size specifications and have an unlimited number of uses including tool cribs, archival document storage, retail theft prevention or can be used any place that unwanted access is crucial. From a small corner of an office room to an entire portion of the industrial plant or warehouse.

These prefabricated security cages are through bolted and easy to install. The panel design will allow cut-outs to be easily made for obstructions such as pipes or electrical conduit. These Wire security cages are available in many of the basic colors and can be ordered with hinged or sliding doors. Pass-through doors and windows are also available as an option.

Hard Wall Dividing Systems for Warehouses and Industrial Plants

warehouse spaceWarehouses or industrial plants that are big and open provide an element of safety and order to the work process. Inventory moves easily; machines are maintained in a safe location and products are organized, packed and stored for shipping without interfering with other aspects of the designed workflow.

However, not all industrial plants have the convenience of open space. Many would agree that empty floor space is a sign of inefficiently designing a productive warehouse or factory.

Contrary to this problem, most industrial plants struggle with the lack of usable floor space.

As a result, many industries have production activity that is performed close to incompatible production environments such as welding centers and powder coating operations. Alternatively, noisy machinery located near assembly lines manned by personnel. You may have a problem with dust and want to control production dust from entering product storage, shipping departments and so on.

These are examples of areas that need to be safely and efficiently divided by warehouse divider demising walls or sealed, insulated hard wall dividing panels.

Industrial curtains or warehouse fencing will not truly create a separation between workspace with an efficient control of contaminants and environmental hazards such as noise, dust industrial fall out, hazardous fumes and welding radiation just to name a few.

Many times an industrial curtain is installed to maintain an economic warehouse divider between workstations, but a well-meaning employee opens it up then doesn’t replace it, and the division is lost or not properly controlled.

Warehouse Dividing SystemsHardwall  Warehouse Partition Walls

Using high-quality modular construction products, KABTech has developed an economical way to correctly divide your workspace in your facility, provide a safe working environment and provide a true warehouse partition divider.

This system incorporates modular hard walls that can be used to separate your workspace and create a safe and clean work area that will prohibit contaminants and noise from penetrating the neighboring portion of your facility. This hard-wall system is a great alternative to typical construction methods, saving time and money without the construction mess and plant disruption. The industrial walls have many door and window options, allowing forklift and foot traffic to pass.

An industrial curtain can be incorporated in the upper portion above the semi-permanent warehouse partitions that can be fitted to the pitch of the roof for a smooth complete seal.

As with our in-plant office systems, this system is versatile, allowing the modular walls to be removed easily and reconfigured for future layout changes as your facility expands.

For solutions to any of your warehouse or in-plant floor space problems, or wire mesh partitions, security cages, industrial enclosures, barriers or dividing walls, contact KABTech today for a free quote and allow their technical designers to assist you in completing your plant modification project fast and economically.

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