Modular and Prefabricated Shipping And Receiving Offices

KABTech USA, offers premium quality prefabricated shipping and receiving offices or custom designed modular shipping and receiving offices built to accommodate your office space requirements.
Adding a dedicated modular shipping and receiving office to your facilities floor plan is the fastest way to improve a structured shipping and receiving department. Using Modular Shipping Offices are more efficient and productive without adding huge construction costs or a lot of downtime for typical construction methods.

Drop-Ship, Prefabricated Shipping and Receiving Offices

Prefabricated Modular Shipping OfficeKABTech is known as a leader in modular in-plant offices as well as Mezzanines and Prefabricated Guard Shacks.

They carry years of experience in designing modular offices of all types along with shipping and installing turnkey projects. That is why we can offer modular in plant shipping and receiving offices, built to your specific requirements.

We offer immediate quote time for quick ship office units as well as modular shipping offices. These offices still offer a variety of options like the specific placement of doors, windows, roll-up doors and more.

All of our modular office designs are of the highest quality materials and are completely adaptable to future plant changes and upgrades. Our modular units are versatile and can be modified as your shipping department adapts to larger demands for office space. Special features can include loan bearing roof structures for storage or a second-floor office.

Our Services Include Upgrading Shipping Departments.

KABTech is frequently asked to upgrade small, outdated in plant shipping offices and product storage racks as well as installing new modular offices and pallet racking systems in new construction facilities. Many of these requests include more window space to allow the shipping manager to view and oversee the loading and unloading at the docks from their office desk.

Prefab Shipping and Receiving Offices In One Day!

In only one day, KABTech was able to install this 12x12x8 Prefabricated Modular Inplant Office for this customer. The walls were 3” Vinyl covered hardboard panels. The building included Modular Wiring and an HVAC system.

modular shipping officePrefabricated Modular Inplant Office - Side ViewThe shipping manager at this Packaging Supply Company was quite pleased with his new office that allowed him to view the warehouse operations. The office offered enough privacy to be able to complete his other inventory duties without noise or disruption from the warehouse.

With a growing demand for consistent quality in your industry, On-time shipping and receiving is essential. Maintaining economic product production and shipping is crucial.

The correct size, design and placement of your modular shipping and receiving office will offer an environment suitable for maintaining proper On-time shipping practices.

Moving material in and out of your facility in a safe and organized fashion requires a controlled environment to oversee the operation. The most economical way to achieve this is with Modular Office structures by KABTech.

Packing and Shipping Rooms

The need for a dedicated packing room is essential in fast-pace industries like we see today!

modular in plant office With dedicated shipping office space, you can control quality, prevent product loss and enforce correct shipping practices.

Industries that inventory and ship dated material, temperature or contaminant sensitive merchandise, electrical components, pharmaceutical supplies and food related products, rely on KABTech to design and supply custom built modular in plant packing offices on a regular basis.

Environmentally controlled packing and shipping rooms help maintain strict guidelines for constant quality control during the packing and shipping process. Less product loss and more economical packing and shipping methods can be established when a facility uses a dedicated work space for shipping and receiving merchandise.

Modular Break Rooms, Lunch Rooms and Training Rooms

Modular Training RoomModular designed in plant rooms are designed to install quickly with less mess and construction costs. You can design the room layout the way it will work best for your facility.

Prefabricated office construction gives you the ability to place doors, windows and the electrical outlet where they are need to make your modular room a custom fit.
Whether your modular room is prefabricated and shipped complete as a unit or assembled as a modular office kit, your employees will enjoy the clean, noise free atmosphere to eat meals or take brakes and relax.

Modular in plant rooms allow you to place the rooms closer to the work location and still provide a safe and quiet atmosphere with less travel distance from their work.
Our maintenance free In-plant room structures utilize integrated wall panels that give you a choice of surface and core construction.

Your options include:

  • Fire rating material.
  • Surface treatments inside and out.
  • FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic).
  • HVAC choices
  • Electrical outlets and circuit boxes.

These Rooms Are a Great Solution for Team Training Rooms.

Modular Team RoomWith a small amount of space, you can create a modular office training room for team training on site. Training your work teams in a classroom setting will aid in developing educated and skilled employees while overseeing the actual production system.
These training rooms can be designed in a variety of floor plans including second-floor rooms or rooms built over existing offices to prevent loss of needed floor space.

Our Modular offices can be shipped as easy install kits or you can request a team of installation techs. Install them for you. In most cases you can receive your custom modular office and finish the installation in a few short weeks.

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For more information, price quotes or to discuses your In-plant office requirements, please contact KABTech today. We are waiting to hear about your project.

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For more information, price quotes or to discuss your In-plant office requirements, please contact KABTech today. We are waiting to hear about your project.