Warehouse and In-Plant Quick Ship Modular Offices

From guard shacks, outbuildings and  simple shipping offices to complex and stylish meeting rooms and modular site offices, KABTech Corp offers high-quality, quick to ship modular offices. KABTech supplies prefabricated and modular constructed office structures and buildings that have custom features that can be  quick shipped to meet the tightest deadlines.

Quick ship office and building units ordered to your specifications will fill any small building requirements in record time.

Shipping Pump EnclosuresPre-assembled buildings and quick assembly modular offices:

  • Guard Shacks and Parking Lot Buildings
  • Security Buildings
  • Pump House and Equipment Enclosures
  • Add-on Restroom Facilities
  • Shipping and Receiving Offices
  • Inplant offices and Specialty Rooms
  • Self Contained Outbuildings

Modular OutbuildingKABTech has an extensive selection of prefabricated quick ship offices, guard shacks, and pump houses or equipment enclosures designed for in-plant, outside or off-site use. We also offer fast assemble and ship modular rooms for many custom uses.

KABTech is a leading supplier of modular offices and  prefabricated guard shacks. Their engineering staff can quickly assess your needs and supply you with a free quote for just the right size office tailored to fit your needs. You will have confidence knowing our quality assurance, and experienced engineers will design and ship your in plant office unit built to your specifications and requirements.

Fast And Economical Quick Ship Offices

prefab office

Prefabricated modular site offices that can be quick shipped and set in place are an economical answer to many office space problems your factory faces.

Timing is crucial when it comes to up-fitting or adapting your usable warehouse space for needed shipping offices or additional training rooms. Quick ship offices can be installed quickly without disrupting production in the surrounding vicinity and without the mess you get with conventional construction.

These quick ship offices provide a safe and comfortable working environment for your staff as well as multi-use rooms. These prefabricated offices can be quickly installed, some in less than a day, but still have the versatility to be reconfigured and relocated as your needs change.

All of our prefabricated offices are guaranteed to outperform your expectations with lasting quality built into every office structure.

KABTech, a leader in custom and prefabricated offices and in-plant modular buildings, can quickly and economically ship an entire office of your choice and specifications to your location or custom build a modular office to fit your exact needs.

Prefabricated Site Offices Advantages

prefabricated modular offices & quality labsOne of the disadvantages of most quick delivery office structures is that you have to choose from a limited list of model sizes and don’t have many custom options.

KABTech offers many options for custom application including locations for windows and door placement, construction materials and parameter shapes and sizes.

Stackable offices for limited floor space

They also offer stackable office units and offices on raised mezzanine platforms or industrial platforms that will offer more office space without using more floor space in your industrial plant.

You can incorporate a modular or prefabricated office with a raised industrial platform to create a monitoring tower, event viewing platform, an elevated guardhouse or elevated press boxes for stadiums or racetracks.

Our quick ship prefabricated office units are engineered for fast installation and simple electrical hookup with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Your options choices also include many wall configurations.

You can select a one, two, three or four wall prefabricated structure that will quickly install in your factory to provide a safe, climate-controlled workspace.

Our ready to ship inplant modular offices feature a non-progressive design that allows removal of any wall panel for replacement or future modification without disturbing the adjacent panel. The electrical wiring can easily be accessed through post covers in the walls that act as wire chases.

As your industry changes and expands, the demand for economic office space and multi-function rooms increases. The use of quick ship prefabricated offices can meet those challenges with reliable, quality built, fast install office units.

This design benefit allows for additional walls, ceilings, doors, and windows to be easily added when your changing industry requires it.

The Many Prefabricated Office Design Options Include:

  • Removable walls for easy reconfiguration.
  • Additional modular units can be connected for later expansion.
  • Offices are available in steel or extruded aluminum components.
  • Wall panels can be vinyl covered hardboard, gypsum, FRP or steel.
  • Expanded polystyrene core material for insulation and noise reduction.
  • Many doors and windows to choose from including roll up doors and tinted glass or acrylic.
  • Large selection of colors to choose from.
  • HVAC units matched for the office space or supplied to your required heating and cooling BTU.
  • Multi-level and finished wall height options.
  • Blast resistant framing available.
  • Hardie-backer cement board used on all our outside office units.
  • Many shipping and delivery options are available to fit your budget.

Quick Ship Guard Shacks and Security Buildings

Guard Shack Side ViewReady to ship Guard shacks and security buildings are another type of prefabricated quick ship industrial offices that can be used inside or outside your facility.

Available Prefabricated Building Sizes

Prefabricated guard shacks and outdoor modular offices have a broad range of sizes and structure heights to choose from with a maximum prefab size of 40’ X 14’.

With quick ship guard houses and security buildings, you can choose any wall lengths from 8’ to 40’and widths can run from 8’ to 14’ with a ceiling height of 7’ to 10’.

These buildings also include many floor, wall and ceiling options as well as door and window options.

For a complete listing of ready to ship guard shack and security building options see our Security Guard Shacks & Prefabricated Guard Houses or contact KABTech today for a free quote and updated prices.

KABTech is well known for their exceptional customer service and national product support. You can be assured of the same personal service and product satisfaction that many leading corporations have experienced with KABTech’s in plant offices and warehouse products.

Here are a few other KABTech In-Plant modification products you may be interested in to complete your facility upgrade efficiently. In addition to our prefabricated offices we offer:

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Two Story Modular Offices.

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Wire Mesh Security Cages and Enclosures.

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