Warehouse Curtain and Hard Wall Dividing Systems

If you need to divide a large warehouse or separate warehouse floor-space in your industrial plant, KABTech has a modular hard wall dividing system for you.

Warehouse Dividing Systems Many times a large industrial plant or warehouse will require production process to share the same building or floor space. The problem with doing this is that not every industrial process can safely and economically share the same work area without sharing the noise and contamination.

Environmental conditions, as well as safe work spaces, need to be contained in their own portion of the industrial plant by warehouse dividing walls. These walls, also known as “Demising Walls” can be permanently installed using typical construction materials however this process is messy, expensive and time consuming and will disrupt or even stop production in the surrounding area.

Modular Demising Wall Advantages

Modular Demising Walls by KABTech provide clean warehouse separation at a fraction of the cost or mess. These modular walls also offer modular advantages that allow the divider walls to install quickly or be dismounted and relocated as your facility requirements change.

KABTechs modular hardwall and industrial insulation curtain warehouse divider system can control all this;

  • Air Temperature and quality
  • Lighting
  • Personnel access

As well as separating one working environment from the other in the same building, in the same vicinity.

Economical Warehouse Dividing Walls and Flexible Insulated Curtains

The typical industrial warehouse curtain dividers can not truly divide your industrial work space other than the visual aspect of floor space separation.

Actual in-plant environmental floor space separation involves dividing your warehouse floor space by eliminating all gaps that allow air, dust, noise and light to pass from one room to another.

We have developed a fast, economical and efficient way to control and separate your warehouse.

By incorporating modular hard walls with a flexible insulated industrial curtain to create a large, cost effective, warehouse divider wall, we can correctly divide any working environment from another. Modular dividing walls can be installed at a very economical project cost in a short amount of time compared to conventional stud partition wall construction.

Install Benefits of Modular Demising Wall

Modular walls mean shorter install time, less installers needed and less wasted construction materials. The wall components are preassembled when they arrive and are pre sized for less mess and product waste.

Warehouse dividing wallThe modular hard wall systems seal tight to the floor, walls and overhead curtain, to eliminate all gaps. Modular Walls have the versatility of adding access doors, windows as needed. Large door openings or roll up doors can be added to allow foot traffic as well as forklifts and other product transportation devices to pass through.

The industrial curtain used in the upper portion can be custom fabricated to match the pitch of the roof and provide a smooth appearance, resistant to dust collection. This pre-sizing also speed up the install process.Hard Wall & Soft Wall Divider

For more information on warehouse partition separation, environment and noise control inside your industrial plant, please contact a KABTech representative.

KABTech Supplies Modular Facility Products

As an In-Plant Modular Office Supplier, we get requests for many modular warehouse modifications.

We can supply all of your warehousing, in plant modification and industrial modular dividing walls as needed; quickly and efficiently. Our modular modification designs allow for fast installation and minimal operation disruption.

Manufacturers with strict quality control specifications find it vital for them to have a clean and controlled environment for testing and maintaining product consistency.

Improved Efficiency and Safety

Our integrated modular systems design makes it possible to custom fabricate, supply and install the most efficient facility products available. With our warehouse noise and dust containment dividing system you can completely seal that vertical space above the hard wall shell. This is a great product for separating a shipping department from other parts of the production process.

With modular demising walls, you can also enjoy the benefits of sectional walls that dismount with no product waste. As you facility changes and expands, the demising wall sections can be removed and relocated along with the overhead curtain. Modular hard Walls can also be added on to for future renovations.

Modular demising walls can also be built with hard wall panels all the way to the ceiling and can be integrated with other wall systems already in place.

KABTech provides many other types of dividing systems as well, including wire mesh dividers and wire mesh security cages, In-Plant modular offices, mezzanines of many designs and uses as well as guard shacks and prefabricated guard houses and multi-use buildings.

Contact your KABTech representative today to learn how Modular Demising Walls can work for you. Also ask about all of our products for making upgrades to your industrial facility quick and easy.

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