Project Overview: An elevator parts manufacturer came to KABTech looking to install an in-plant modular office. At the time, the manufacturing facility was experiencing unfortunate inventory losses because of fluctuating temperatures and unwanted heat in the open warehouse. in-plant modular office This is not an uncommon problem for manufacturers. For example, this manufacturing facility uses labels and barcodes that are placed on components before they are shipped. Due to these materials being subjected to heat, they were losing their stickiness and hindering the packaging and shipping process. After reviewing the problem with the label maker, they learned that these materials needed to be kept in a temperature-controlled environment for them to stick properly. This led to the discovery of many other materials being held in the warehouse that should also be stored in a climate-controlled area. Because the company was facing high amounts of inventory loss and needed a quick and economical solution, KABTech recommended implementing an in-plant modular office space. With this new climate-controlled storage environment, the facility would save on preventable inventory damage and be able to use the space as an office area as well. Project Installation: The primary objective of this project was to provide the manufacturer with a temperature-controlled environment to prevent stored inventory from overheating or becoming too cold. The manufacturer was under no real time restraint for the project to be completed. However, KABTech was aware that until the in-plant modular office was fully implemented the company would be faced with damaged materials. For this reason, the team was very efficient in completing the project as quickly and attentively as possible. The project was finished in 1 short day to ensure that the manufacturing facility could save on unnecessary expenses and continue daily operations without being interrupted. in-plant modular office This structure was built 8 feet high and incorporated two wide doors so that employees could easily carry parts in and out of the room without making a mess. While every in-plant modular office installed by KABTech is customized to the client’s specific needs, this room was built large enough to double as a storage area and workspace for supervisors. In this case, the modular office could effortlessly be separated into two rooms. One area could incorporate shelving and cabinets for storage, and another could be used for supervisors’ desks. Other key features of the in-plant modular office included: –        Modular electrical wiring –        Vinyl panels –        Acoustical ceiling grid –        Thru wall HVAC system End Result: The manufacturer was satisfied with the finished in-plant modular office and looked forward to a future without inventory waste. KABTech made sure to check back with the plant manager, and was happy to hear that the sticky situation had been resolved! The facility could now continue with their regular packaging and shipping process knowing that all components would be properly labeled and tracked. Learn more about KABTech’s Steel Mezzanines.