Add a Quality Control Room or Inspection Enclosure

A Telecommunications Manufacturer hired KABTech to provide them with additional office space and inspection room in their current facility. This was a challenging task because the facility had a clear height of 13 ft. KABTech used 12 ft Modular Inplant Walls and braced them to the roof structure above. This enabled KABTech not to have to use roof decking or columns in the wall. The acoustical ceiling system was suspended from the roof structure above, as well.

office inspection enclosure


office inspection enclosure 2

For electrical, KABTech used Modular Wiring to connect all of the fixtures to the breaker panel. The customer installed a ducted HVAC to provide Climate Control to the area.

office inspection enclosure 3


office inspection enclosure 4

By not installing roof decking, KABTech was able to take advantage of the low clear height and save the customer money in materials. This also made for a faster installation.


The customer was very pleased with their new 52x53x12 Modular Inplant structure that contained 3 offices and a large inspection room.