Increase Safety and Productivity with In-Plant Offices

In manufacturing plants, in-plant offices allow management to have office space in and around machinery.  More often than not, space for in-plant offices can be difficult to find on shop floors because so much of the regular floor space is occupied by large machines and equipment.  Over the past few years, companies have begun to use mezzanines to place in-plant offices in manufacturing facilities around the country.  By using these in-plant offices in conjunction with mezzanines, it allows for your most valuable square footage to be allocated to machinery which in turn means more profits for your business.

In-Plant office and Mezzanine

 In-Plant Offices Bring Versatility to the Manufacturing Floor
In-plant offices and mezzanines can be placed in almost any part of a manufacturing facility to utilize space which would otherwise be wasted.  These modular offices are very versatile and made with high-quality materials such as steel or aluminum.  In-plant offices are available in both single story models as well as two-story models depending on your needs.

Custom Designed In-Plant Offices Just For You
With modular offices from KABTech Corp, you can have a custom designed in-plant office created to your exact specifications.  This can allow you to fit these custom made in-plant offices in areas that otherwise would not be possible.  Every manufacturing plant is built entirely different, and this is why modular offices are perfect to ensure that you can install the perfect office space that meets your exact needs.

KABTech Corp is a market leader in the manufacturing and installation of in-plant offices and all types of mezzanines.  No matter what type of application you are looking for, KABTech has the knowledge and the experience to provide you with a superior product that is within your budget.  Contact our office today for more information on our wide array of mezzanines and in-plant offices.