Because warehouses are consistently losing money due to theft and accidents, it is becoming increasingly important for manufacturers to understand the value of implementing a security cage. Wire security cages help manufacturing facilities improve workplace safety, prevent against theft, and limit access to inventory and equipment.

Project Overview:

Recently an industrial computer manufacturer contacted KABTech about improving the overall security of their new facility. The company already had an existing security cage in place; however, the cage was old and no longer met all of their needs.  Because the cage was in rough shape, it could no longer properly secure their products, and so the manufacturer requested we make a few design alterations to better the cages effectiveness. The manufacturing facility also needed to project to be timely and did not want the project to disturb the rest of their operations.

Project Installation:

KABTech Wire Security Cage

The installation process involved a complete redesign of the manufacturer’s existing cage in making it wide enough to fit larger items and continue to maintain the security of their inventory. Before installation, the security cage had a 4-foot wide sliding door, which was not wide enough for the large pallets they desired to store inside of it. KABTech supplied them with an improved 5-foot wide sliding door kit and brand new wire panels. The new wire panels were made up from durable 6-gauge wires which were bonded together at every wire contact point. All of these components conveniently fit in with the manufacture’s existing security cage, saving them from replacing the entire cage which would have been three times as expensive. KABTech was also able to complete the installation in a short and reasonable time, without interrupting any of the manufacturing facilities processes.

End Result:


Having saved the manufacturer time and money, you can imagine how pleased they were with the end results of this project! The company no longer experiences any problem with the small security cage doorways and is at ease knowing their inventory is safeguarded from theft and damages.

Want to learn more? Contact us today to find out how KABTech can develop, build, and execute the design of your next wire security cage, in-plant office, or structural mezzanine project. We have over twenty years of extensive experience and would be happy to assist in any installation project.

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