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Wall Partition Systems

KABTech offers reusable modular walls and offices which are the perfect solution for a wide range of industries looking to expand and upgrade their facility. Today’s industries are ever changing. To keep up with fast pace expansion projects, businesses are turning to modular construction to save time and resources.

Modular office wall systems are a cost-effective alternative to typical office remodeling, updating or adding new rooms.

KABTech’s relocatable walls also offer real flexibility because they can expand along with your facility, allowing you to quickly and efficiently increase or decrease the available office space in a room without any incurring additional expenses or adding additional square footage to the existing building.

Glass Office Partitions, Modular Wall Partitions, and Other In-plant Applications

Modular walls combine the functionality of constructed walls with the adaptability of panel systems, all the while office partitionsensuring a professional, high-quality appearance. Enhance your workspace with modular walls to create office partitions, wall partitions, or additional privacy anywhere it is needed.

Like modular office walls, Modular cleanrooms have removable walls and can be dismounted and relocated as your business expands. This is why modular offices used in industrial facilities can continue to save money years after the install is completed.

Our innovative line of removable modular walls can be custom configured to meet the exact needs of your facility and can be reconfigured at any time. Customize the appearance of your wall systems by choosing from a variety of features which include wall height and frame width to panel materials, door options, and glass components. Our easy to install modular walls can be quickly installed with minimal disruption of productivity.

Removable Walls: Alternative to Conventional Construction

KABTech modular walls offer long-term versatility that is simply unmatched by conventional construction. The movable walls can be reconfigured and reused, saving you time and money while ensuring a solution that can quickly adapt as your needs change. Additionally, because the modular walls can be re-purposed for other needs, they provide a more environmentally friendly option than standard construction.

Warehouse dividing wallHard-wall Modular Wall System

KABTech also offers warehouse divider walls and dividing wall systems for dividing your industrial workspace. These modular dividing walls are a more efficient way to separate your work space and isolate dust, and debris while controlling air temperature and air quality.

Learn more about KABTech’s Steel Mezzanines, In-Plant Offices, warehouse enclosures and Industrial Platforms that are available for your next industrial plant modifications.