KABTech Customizes each desiccant dehumidifier to our clients specific needs. We have three different series we use to customize project specifications. With our equipment there is not a moisture issue that we cannot handle.

Compact Series

This is for small application that need from 25-300 cfm. These units have the only horizontal bed design in the industry. Also they use the lowest drying air temperature in the industry.

This unit is perfect for the following applications:
– Environmental Rooms
Walk-in Freezers
– Archive Storage
– Biological Refrigerators
– Etc.

Rotor Series

These units are design for industrial applications that need 600-40,000 cfm. The Rotor Series uses a vertical desiccant and allows for a wide range of options to fit specific needs. These units have three options for reactivation: electricity, steam, and gas. These units offer a straightforward and economical design while utilizing the most state of the art desiccant wheels. Circuit breakers are used instead of fuses to reduce the maintenance cost.

Integrated Dehumidification Package (IDP)

These units are designed with capabilities of 50-30,000cfm. These units can incorporate a variety of different aspect of air treatment. These units allow our clients to single piece of equipment that can handle all aspects needed. The IDP unit can include features such as air conditioning, humidification, along with HEPA filters for clean rooms. The unit allows us to build our dry rooms with a single piece of equipment to handle all of our client’s needs. We offer a variety of option to fit your particular needs. -Humidistat -Weather Proof Construction -Structural Skid -Heating Control -Cooling Control -High Capacity Filtration and more Learn how you can increase your plant capacity fast with KABTech’s Steel Mezzanines.