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15 09, 2018

Designing A Productive Warehouse or Factory


Improving Warehouse Productivity And Efficiency With Controlled Floor Space. Experienced factory and warehouse managers know that increasing and maintaining warehouse organization, product efficiency, and quality is a top priority. The struggle for a better, more efficient system to produce a quality product, then to handle, store and ship that product requires strategic planning [...]

Designing A Productive Warehouse or Factory2019-10-22T17:03:49-04:00
13 09, 2018

Need A Modular Training Room?


A warehousing company was in need of a modular room to hold training and retraining classes for their staff. Due to their rugged warehouse environment, KABTech gave particular attention to ensuring the office was customized to meet the sound, safety, durability and comfort needs of the customer. We combined four types of material to [...]

Need A Modular Training Room?2019-10-22T17:05:09-04:00
12 09, 2018

Do You Need a Shipping Office?


Prefab Shipping and Receiving Offices Recently, a packaging company in Memphis, TN moved into a new warehouse. They needed an office for their shipping manager. It had to provide clear visibility to all of the loading docks. KABTech designed a 12x12x8 modular office using vinyl covered hardboard panels. We put windows on three [...]

Do You Need a Shipping Office?2019-10-22T17:05:17-04:00
8 09, 2018

Modular Shipping and Receiving Office


A Packaging Supply Company hired KABTech to create a Modular Shipping and Receiving Office in their current facility. The customer had an old office and was looking to upgrade. They requested numerous windows to allow the shipping manager the ability to view the loading docks from his desk. In only one day, KABTech was [...]

Modular Shipping and Receiving Office2019-10-22T17:07:42-04:00
7 09, 2018

Modular Office and Inspection Enclosure


Add a Quality Control Room or Inspection Enclosure A Telecommunications Manufacturer hired KABTech to provide them with additional office space and inspection room in their current facility. This was a challenging task because the facility had a clear height of 13 ft. KABTech used 12 ft Modular Inplant Walls and braced them to the [...]

Modular Office and Inspection Enclosure2019-10-22T17:07:46-04:00
6 09, 2018

Prefabricated Modular Quality Lab


KABTech recently completed a job for an Air Filter Manufacturer. To optimize space, this customer came to KABTech looking to install an Inplant Modular Quality Lab and Storage Room in their current facility. This area needed to be conditioned for temperature control. KABTech understood the importance of optimizing the usability of their current space [...]

Prefabricated Modular Quality Lab2019-10-22T17:07:52-04:00
5 09, 2018

In-Plant Modular Office Prevent Inventory Loss


Project Overview: An elevator parts manufacturer came to KABTech looking to install an in-plant modular office. At the time, the manufacturing facility was experiencing unfortunate inventory losses because of fluctuating temperatures and unwanted heat in the open warehouse. This is not an uncommon problem for manufacturers. For example, this manufacturing facility uses labels and barcodes [...]

In-Plant Modular Office Prevent Inventory Loss2019-10-22T17:07:54-04:00
4 09, 2018

New Facility Installs In-Plant Modular Office to Improve Quality Control


Improving Quality Control with an Inplant Modular Office Project Overview: An international leader in cable manufacturing recently erected a brand new facility in the United States to produce high voltage power cables. The manufacturer was excited about the opportunity to expand its services into power transmission infrastructure projects across North America. To optimize plant [...]

New Facility Installs In-Plant Modular Office to Improve Quality Control2019-10-22T17:08:03-04:00
2 09, 2018

5 Key Benefits of Implementing An In-Plant Modular Office


5 Reasons for Adding a Warehouse In Plant Office Most businesses build in-plant modular offices to have a temperature controlled workspace which can be easily expanded to fit a growing facility. However, there are other benefits that manufacturers can reap from incorporating a modular office in their business. Let’s take a look at [...]

5 Key Benefits of Implementing An In-Plant Modular Office2019-10-22T17:08:12-04:00
1 09, 2018

Warehouse Implements In-Plant Modular Office to Improve Productivity


Monitoring Production From the Office A well-known automotive distribution warehouse came to KABTech looking to improve their operations by implementing a new modular in-plant office. The manager of the warehouse wanted to incorporate an office that would allow supervisors to watch over the work being done without having to be out on the [...]

Warehouse Implements In-Plant Modular Office to Improve Productivity2019-10-22T17:08:18-04:00